Adrian Fisher and Luna Montenegro are Artists and Poets working under the collective name mmmmm and the pen name montenegrofisher. Their artist collective was formed in 2000 as a fluid space of collaboration, research and experimentation working with ideas of social transformation, the visceral and the poetic.

They work with Installation, Performance, Film, Drawing, Photography, Sound, Walking, Text and other mediums that serve the development of a specific idea.

Their practice is site specific and socially engaged, leading to collaborations with other Artists, Poets, Musicians and Local communities.

The core of their practice is the body as a social and individual formation. They are actively concerned with ideas of the non-human in relation to The Anthropocene. Their research examines humans and other beings and explores questions of balance within our ecosystem.

Their work is process based, approaching ideas from differing disciplines. They consider history, anthropology, technology, science and magic in an organic weaving that grows into physical and virtual spaces.

mmmmm show their work internationally in a variety of contexts: museums, art galleries, artists run projects, cinemas, sound and poetry festivals, publications, digital platforms and radio.