11.08.07 'something unaccountable escaping' (Book of Kisses Peckham) I Love Peckham 07 Festival of Arts, London.

HD Camera: Cristóbal Bianchi, image editing by mmmmm. Luna Montenegro - live art, Adrian Fisher - live art, Laura Armishaw - live art. collaborators.a

This performance errupts everyday relations with the personal delicate contact of the lips. The participants negociate the innocent request to kiss a stranger. In so doing they define a language that allows them to kiss a stranger in a public space documented in film. Power relations, uniforms, official roles dissolve into a childhood desire. These are the lips of Peckham between 5.30pm and 7.30pm on Saturday August 11th 2007. They are printed in a book, their geographical mapping on a page, some close, a few single, some at opposite ends of the pages are traces of the action. A social relation is maped in a geographic space. We have made this action in Santiago, Chile and Vienna, Austria, each time new cultural relations towards personal contact and the mapping of the body are expressed.
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