23/9/07 'a brief history of Elephant' - Pullens Centre

chronology and materials
The name 'Elephant and Castle' probably derives from the emblem on the Cutlers' Company, a guild founded in the 13th century to represent workers who made knives, scissors and surgical instruments. The handles of these instruments often used Indian elephant ivory, hence the 'Elephant' image. The 'Castle' represents the 'howdah' a seat placed on the back of the elephant traditionally used by the hunters.

In 1641, a constant stream of horse-drawn vehicles led a blacksmith, John Flaxman, to set up a forge on an island site between the main roads. Around 1760, the metal workers' premises became an 'Inn' and was renamed the 'Elephant and Castle.'

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23.09.07 'a brief history of elephant' Pullens Centre, Elephant and Castle, London "LA EXPERIMENTAL EXPERIENCE" curated by http://www.productoramutante.cl.nu. Luna Montenegro - live art, Adrian Fisher - live Art, Ervo Perez - digital video camera. Thank you to Ervo, Amy and Loreto.