6.10.2004 fucking hardware, Curwen Gallery,4 Windmill Street, London. 'Here-and Beyond' Event organised by Jill Rock.Digital stills by mmmmm from video by Cristobal Bianchi collaborators

'fucking hardware' is a live art action that works with ideas of ritual and technology, the organic and the inorganic.

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A Personal computer was seduced with baby oil and ritualistically married to a virgin bride. From inside the computer case a sex toy sheep was taken and inflated. The bride takes an egg from the sheep's anus. The computer was switched on and the bride broke the egg on the motherboard. The relation between linguistics and the object slips between forms. The organic egg, the bride, the oil, serves to collide with the presence of the hardware, the mass produced computer and sex toys. The organic and inorganic crash with each other as the computer continues to run while the egg slowly begins to fry fusing with the motherboard.
There is a tension between the symbolic naming of the inorganic hardware and a desire through language, through the ritual of naming, to make the inorganic somehow present and relevant to the organic. At one level this desire is shown through the Internet as a vehicle for the dissemination of pornography. In our live action the hardware is fucked both fetishistically and at a base level, it begins to malfunction. The naming of the inorganic, the integrated circuits as motherboard, collapses with the real organic, the symbolic birth of life, the mythical Dogon egg (1), as it smashes on the nerve centre controller of the computer, momentarily both objects transform, the egg solidifies, the computer begins to short circuit.

1.Gilles Deleuze/Félix Guattari, How to make a Body without Organs? A Thousand Plateaus. Capitalism and Schizophrenia, Athlone Press Ltd, 1996.

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