'Art of War' 14.08.04 Rockhouse Gallery, Isle of Sheppey. "Insula Ovinium' Art Show organised by Nicole Mollett. Digital photography by Regine Elliott. collaborators

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Review by David Medalla, Performance artist.

mmmmm (consisting of Chilean poet Luna Montenegro and English artist Adrian Fisher) performed a dramatic piece entitled "Art of War" on the grass-grown ampitheatre in front of the Rockhouse a couple of metres from the sea. Adrian, dressed in the military uniform of a tin-pot dictator, heavily laden with spurious medals, strutted in exaggerated goose-steps, with one hand up raised in the Heil Hitler salute, around the statuesque figure of Luna wrapped entirely, at the start of the performance, in a silken chatreuse-red cloth. Gradually Adrian (the Dictator) unravelled the cloth, on which he laid supine facing the figure of Luna dressed in a bright green see-through netting dress, surmounted by a green structure on her head. Luna, like a goddess of the jungle, gradually advanced towards the figure of the dictator, and (to the surprise of the spectators who watched the performance in silence) Luna pissed on the chest of the supine Dictator. "I grew up in Chile at the time of the dictator Pinochet," said Luna Montenegro afterwards, "and I will piss any time on any dictator anywhere".

Luna Montenegro (Chile) - Performer, Adrian Fisher (uk) - Performer, Arvinder Bawa (uk) - digital video, Regine Elliot (France) - digital photography, Dolores Sanchez (Spain) - digital photography, Marko Stephanov (uk) - digital photography. Thanks to David Medalla, The Rockhouse Gallery (Robert and Lynn) and everyone who worked on the "Insula Ovinium" project and The London Biennale.