Buch der Küsse, live art interaction, installation, website. Ballhausplatz - Heldenplatz, Vienna, Austria
5th October, 2000 ( full website project formely at: mmmmm.sonance.net )
collaborators (pictures from video by Adrian Fisher and Luna Montenegro)

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this site-specific public action was made at one of the historic locations where Hitler addressed the Austrian people. by inviting people to paint their lips and kiss a stranger, we attempt to challenge the idea of the encounter with the other in a moment of intimacy. The performance took the form of a sound and visual installation where after kissing, people made an impression of their lips in a book. the kisses were then uploaded to a purpose built website where people could download the traces of their lips. This work was part of a series of performances that we also developed in Peckham, South London, UK and Vienna, Austria.
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