21.05.05 Choritos

Cecil Sharp House, Regent's Park Road, Camden, London NW1. At 'May Fete with a Twist' event curated by Sarah Shorten and Alison Trower.

This work explores the roll of indigenous rituals within the context of English folk culture. It takes as a point of depature anthropological writing on a shamanic ritual of The Kawéskar indigenous people of western Tierra del Fuego, Chile.

'In darkness let me dwell' (c.1605) written by John Dowland English folk song writer, sung live by Olivia Chaney.(materials: mussels (UK), canned mussels (Chile), willow basket, A1 size cartridge paper, portable electric combination amplifier, microphone, Grand Piano, PA System, green netting, paint, underpants, bra, white dress).

Acknowledgements: Animations by mmmmm, still images from video by Jose Leon, Background photo from Géraldine Gallavardin. collaborators

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