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21/07/19 montenegrofisher - curation, performance - Polypore micro Festival, Chalton Gallery, London

Polypore - polyoraceae, piptoporus, polyporus - a bracket fungus in which the spores are expelled

through fine pores on the underside.

Polypore sound art, poetry, performance micro festival curated by montenegrofisher in association with

diSONARE and Chalton Gallery. Artists / poets: Jeff Hilson with Tommy Peeps, Lucia Hinjosa Gaxiola, Andrés

Anwandter, Katherine Bash, Diego Poupin, Matt Scott, Javier Calderón, montenegrofisher, Amy Cutler.

montenegrofisher works: geotropic, sporis, dispersal, lay lines suspended, spore-pore.

27/06/19 montenegrofisher - performing Poets' Theatre, 'Box of Rain' by Kevin Killian.

MayDay Rooms, London. A tribute to Kevin Killian who passed away on 15th june, 2019.

26/06/19 mmmmmfilms show 'encoding a rose' at Hard Work, The Beehive, London.
An evening of Performance, Poetry and Video organised by Paul Ingram and Edward Shipsey.
encoding a rose, HD 3'22 mmmmmfilms, Norway, 2018 filmed in 360 degrees, Invoking a collective

body for the biosphere. Based on the rosemåling folk motif in Norwegian romantic art.

encoding a rose, HD 3'22 mmmmmfilms, Norway, 2018

22/06/19 montenegrofisher perform sound for Katherine Bash's 'The Light of Consciousness'

Art Night at British Library, London. Presented by Chalton Gallery.

20/06/19 montenegrofisher perform sound for Katherine Bash's 'The Light of Consciousness'

Xing the Line, Iklectik, Old Paradise Yard, London. Hosted by Jeff Hilson.

18.06.19 montenegrofisher - performance - 'Jump out of it' for Guillotine Series, The Beehive, London.

stills from video - jump out of it - montenegrofisher - performance.

works: 1 jump out of it, 2 Science, Religion, Witchcraft (2 x electric hair shavers), 3 nun's school, 4 digital slime, 5 bio-rhetorics (minicube speaker,

magpie & blue tits birdsong recorded in Brixton), 6 liquidity, 7 unboxing video (Hupfeld 51207, Gavotte, op.4, No.2, E-dur - Mi majeur - Emajor,

W. Sapellnikoff pianola scroll), 8 bees, 9 in the gift of the outpouring IV (metal water bottle, plastic water bottle).

Event curated by Mark Jackson showcasing the work of 3 artists, Guillotine 6: montenegrofisher, Emma Bennett, Ulli Freer.

04.06.19 mmmmmfilms - performance - thoughts as orbits, 24' Alive in the Universe, Venice Biennale 2019.

Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, curated by Caroline Wiseman & David Baldry, co-producer Eileen Haring Woods.

Stills from video - mmmmmfilms - performance - thoughts as orbits, 2019. Performance by Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro, Ginés Olivares.

thoughts as orbits - inspired by 'a point beats in space. Listen' Edmond Jabes, The Book of Questions, Volume II, 1967.

Voice, video projection, shadow. Rituals, poetry and sounds from outer space.

Materials: Live sound from Venice canal, synthesisers, 5 speaker audio distribution, 2 x microphones, music score, mini-drone.

04.06.19 mmmmmfilms - the humming loom of time. 67' HDV 2019. Alive in the Universe, Venice Biennale 2019
English, Spanish. English subtitles. Feature film, 67 mins
P: mmmmmfilms D: Montenegro, Fisher, Olivares. Germany, UK, Chile.

Taking its name from 'The Golden Bough' by James Frazer 1922, the film weaves threads of migration, alchemy

and folklore through elementary particles, in documentary, fiction and performance. An investigation into sites where

Alchemists lived, worked or died looking for contemporary resonances within those localities. A psychogeographic

process of encountering images, sounds and people celebrating serendipitous encounters.

04.06.19 mmmmmfilms - il peso delle cose / the weight of things HDV 29' 2010, Italy. Alive in the Universe,

Venice Biennale 2019.

08.05.19 - 04.06.19 mmmmmfilms - 4 x 1' short films - Alive in the Universe, Venice Biennale 2019

Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, curated by Caroline Wiseman & David Baldry, co-producer Eileen Haring Woods.

Video works: 1. staircase descending a nude 2013 - in reference to Duchamp, 2. dynamics 2018, 3. pollination 2018,
4. polyverse 2018.

22-23.05.19 collective mmmmm - Defining the borders II. Performance and Reading for 'Poetics in Commons'

Symposium, University of Sheffield Centre for Poetry & Poetics. UK.

An amorphous collective body that is common in its process outcomes-meetings-unexpected situations

collective mmmmm score:

1 - testing possibilities for tgetherness, 2'41" video, 2019 (spoon orchestra) with Isa Suarez, edited documentation 2018.
2 - conversation between blue tits and magpies 2' audio, 2019.
3 - collective chant outside Parliament 30'' audio, 2018
4 - Jerusalem Salam Goodbye 4' poem, 2016
5 - multi-species offline, 5'11" video, 2017 mmmmmfilms with Ginés Olivares
6 - Shon aye aye 4' poem, 2009 from Selk'nam collection
7 - Res communis / Res Publica 2' poem, 2019
Thanks to Dan Eltringham & Sarah Bernstein (co-convenors of The Symposium)

and to the Chair So Mayer of the Collaborations panel.

06.04.19 montenegrofisher - performance.

Introduction to Jennifer Firestone's new book 'Ten' at Torn Page, 435 W 22nd St, New York, New York.

montenegrofisher visual poems: we are all immigrants, Again.

Thanks to Lee Ann Brown, Jennifer and the Firestone Family.

04.04.19 - 05.05.19 mmmmmfilms - multispecies offline 5' Berlin 2017. Group Exhibition.

Sísmica, ICPNA, Lima, Perú curated by Max Hernández Calvo.

The Exhibition brings together 13 Artists from 13 contemporary art galleries in Chile to examine current trends in photography

and video. It presents the thematics and images concerning chilean contemporary art and the diversity of conceptual ideas and

lines of aesthetic approach. It offers the current pulse of the Santiago art scene. Max Hernández Calvo.

04.04.19 montenegrofisher - performance. diSONARE editorial project.

Berl's Poetry Shop, 141 Front St, Brooklyn, New York.

montenegrofisher poems: no eel, we are all immigrants, verse convulses to s, Again
Other readings/performances by: Alice Attie, Rocío Cerón & Abraham Chavelas, Christopher Rey Pérez, Jarrett Earnest,

George Lee Moore, Ricardo Nicolayevsky, Nick Herman, Lucía Hinojosa. Thanks to Diego Gerard Morrison, Lucía Hinojosa,

Sofia Casarin.

photo: Lucía Hinojosa

28.02.19 montenegrofisher publishing. SPLINTER magazine, Issue 5, London.

Edited by: Gizem Okulu & David Grundy

Digital Image: montenegrofisher, poem 3 of 6, published in Splinter, Feb,2019.

09.02.19 montenegrofisher performance - 'Hyperwaves' in Financial Consequences, London School

of Economics, London University. Organised by +the Institute [for Experimental Arts]- Athens, Greece.

Financial Consequences - International Multimedia Poetry Festival challenging perceptions of economic crisis.
Lectures, Poerty performances and Video poems.
montenegrofisher poems: Jerusalem, Defining the Borders, Liquidity, Two Cabbages having a terrible fight - Leonora Carrington,

End of the Mall, Again.

08.02.19 mmmmmfilms - Fatal when they Touch, Germany, 2017, VR Film The Brutality of Youth, Norway, 2018.

Poetry & VR ethics presentation & discussion Event, 20 Jay St, Brooklyn, New York.

Presented by Lucia Hinojosa & Diego Gerard.

Digital Image: mmmmmfilms - The Brutality of Youth VR 5', Norway, 2018.

02.02.19 montenegrofisher performance & exhibition. Crater 50, Stour Space, Roach Road, Hackney Wick, London.

The launch of Crater 50 with riso drawings by Oliver Baggott, Reading and Art by Tim Atkins, launch of Crater 51, deep Osaka (photobook with poems),

Performance by Simon Hayes, Performance and Art - 5 x drawings by montenegrofisher, video projection mmmmmfilms - Aurora.
montenegrofisher poems: Roach, Verse convulses to s, straight or curvy, no way, Again.

Digital Image: montenegrofisher, photo top left: Jeff Hilson

01.02.19 montenegrofisher reading & translation - Alba Londres Launch. 09 / Contemporary Hispanic Caribean Poetry

Instituto Cervantes, London, Devereux Court.

'Our goal with this issue of Alba is to move away from a static vision of Caribbean literature in Spanish, and to consider a variety of

new, outward-looking and often risky proposals of what a Spanish-language Caribbean literature might constitute. Possibilities relating

to concerns with otherness, orality, memory and marooning abound'. Jèssica Pujol - ALBA

Translation into English of León Félix Batista's 'Bone Music' poem and reading at the Alba Magazine Launch together with

Omar García Obregón, Annie McDermott, Jeff Hilson, Sara Torres, RTA Parker, Sarah Kelly, Jèssica Pujol.


Photos: Jeff Hilson, composite Image: montenegrofisher

10.01.19 montenegrofisher exhibition - 'thinking in plural'. Colectiva 92, Group Show, Galeria AFA

Avenida Provedencia 1614, Santiago, Chile.

'thinking in plural' - montenegrofisher / mmmmm exhibition of works in the AFA Galeria collective show.

Titles of the Works: The Beginning of Time I - 01, 03, 05. (series of 6), Doors of The Temple I - Marble Arch, Angel (series of 12),

Ds= 11, 13 (series of 20), performance transformation - 02, 03, 04 (series of 4), study from 'gift' (edition of 3),

breadheads - (edition of 3), between what is described and what is inscribed (edition of 3), borgoña sobre tela Valparaiso I, II.

09.01.19 mmmmm performance - 'no'. Estudio de Campo, Los Algarrobos 2220, Franklin, Santiago, Chile.

Performance in collaboration with Ghazal Mosadeq and Nia Davies. Thanks to Dominga Del Campo, Juan & Antoine.

07.01.19 montenegrofisher performance - Brexit. Cabaret de Pésima Idea, Santa Isabel 0350, Barrio Italia, Santiago, Chile.

works performed: drinking the gods, verse convulses to s, pulga, defining the borders, no eels / no anguilas,

castrating the gods, Ama-Zonas, a terrible fight between two cabbages (homage to Leonora Carrington), make great again.

04.01.19 montenegrofisher reading - memory in a bird's body. Simposio Internacional de Poesía Experimental PO-EX

BLOC, José Manuel Infante 1428, Santiago, Chile.

Other readers: Matthew Robertson, Martin Gubbins, Sophie Seita, Radio Magallanes, Orquesta de Poetas, Gregorio Fontén,

Felipe Cussens. Thanks to organisers: Jèssica Pujol, Maca Urzúa, Felipe Cussens, Kurt Folch, Richard Parker, Francisca García.

03.01.19 montenegrofisher reading - memory in a bird's body at PO-EX Simposio Internacional de poesia

experimental Santiago de Chile. Estudio de TV, Facultad de Comunicacion y Letras UDP. Studio recording

of 'memory in a bird's body' 2018 montenegrofisher. Thanks to Kurt Folch and Alba Londres.

16.12.18 mmmmmfilms - fatal when they touch. 5' HDV 2018. North by Northeast, 1 Hoe St, London, UK.

14.12.18 mmmmm performance - end of it all. Fiesta Subalterna del libro, Universidad de Chile. Santiago, Chile.

Works: comerse los dioses, verse convulses to s, todos somos inmigrantes, dieciseis trumps, cruce de corrientes, el fin del mall.

Thanks to: Paola Andrade, Estudiantes de Literatura Universidad de Chile.

08.12.18 montenegrofisher performance - culturally appropriate. Oh si Mari! Festival de Amistad Sónica,

Sofá, Santa Isabel 0151, Santiago, Chile.

Works: no eels - no anguilas, Testicles of the Gods, culturally appropriated, shake it.
Thanks to: Gregorio Fonten, Marcela Rosen and Piuke Werken, Agustin Silva.

02.12.18 montenegrofisher performance - We are all immigrants. Chile Contemporary Art 2018. Santiago, Chile.

Works: Top Trumps, drawing a line, implosion, Alacaluf, we are all immigrants, lines and circles.

Digital Images: Lucas Josué Núñez Saavedra. Video: Andrés Lima.

19.11.18 montenegrofisher performance - between the lines. Museo Arte Contemporaneous (MAC), Santiago, Chile.

For the inauguration of 'Cuadernos de Composicion' by MartÌn Gubbins and Daniel Reyes-León
Artists were invited to work with the sound of three Oki320 printers.
Works: nor way, cacerolazo, printing history, between the lines.

digital images: mmmmmarchive, martin gubbins.

01-02.11.18 mmmmm performance with Isa Suarez - The Spoon Orkestra, Peace Gardens,

Sheffield City Centre, UK. Social Art Summit, Sheffield.

Intervention in Sheffield City Centre, The Spoon Orkestra references Sheffield's industrial past as a major manufacturer of cutlery.

The public join the participants to improvise together in the production of spoon sound in the Sheffield Peace Gardens.

The Social Art Summit was an artist-led review of socially engaged arts practice in the UK and beyond. Co-founded by

R.M. Sanchez-Camus and Eelyn Lee with support from Site Gallery, axisweb, arts council england, a-n, artsquest amongst others.

19.10.18 mmmmmfilms - fatal when they touch. 5' HDV 2018. Official Selection

Juteback Poetry Film Festival 2018. Fort Collins, Colorado USA.

18.10.18 mmmmmfilms - multispecies offline. 5' HDV 2017.

Published by Tentacular ISSUE 2 - autumn 2018. Thanks to Jonathan Catherall.

17.10.18 montenegrofisher - performance. Datableeder The Parrot, Canterbury, Kent, UK.

montenegrofisher read 8 poems: 1. action at a distance - for Stephen Gray - led cable with letter A, tunner. 2. no eel. 3. we are all immigrants

- blank A4 paper. 4. invocation to save the amazon - Ele Não, glass of water, jaws harp. 5. Wood Louse. 6. Top Trumps. 7. Pre-Columbian

sexuality echoes into capitalism - advocado. 8. Thought is a form of energy - wireless audio sample triggers

The first of Datableed magazine's live events with fellow readers: Ulli Freer, Juha Virtanen, Betsy Porritt, Annwen Adams, Konstantin Rega.

Audio recordings of the event at: Thanks to Eleanor Perry and Juha Virtanen.

27.09.18 montenegrofisher - group exhibition. Copias Corporales: Xeroperformances at La Luz Buena,

Agustin Roca, Argentina.

Artists in the Exhibition: Elías Adasme (Puerto Rico) / Reed Altemus (USA) / Ana Biolchini (Brasil) / Picasso Gaglione (USA) /

Peter Helmke (Alemania) / Isabel Jordán (Bolivia) / Gábos József (HungrÌa) / Ruggero Maggi (Italia) / Verónica Meloni (Argentina) /

Luna Montenegro-Adrian Fisher (Chile-Inglaterra) / Ana Montenegro (Brasil-Argentina) / Chiara Mulas (Francia) /

Jürgen O. Olbrich (Alemania) / Tulio Restrepo (Colombia) / José Rufino (Brasil) / Jack Seiei (Japón) / Khaing Su (Myanmar) /

Klaus Urbons (Alemania). Dirección y curaduría: Silvio De Gracia, Coordinación: Ana Montenegro.

03.08.18 - 02.09.18 mmmmmfilms residency in Leveld Kunsnartun, Norway.

mmmmmfilms made three new works during their Residency in the rural countryside of Leveld, Norway.

They focused on the 'rosemȧling', a rococo, baroque inspired flower pattern used to decorate domestic objects and textiles

during the Norwegian Romantic period. Works in the exhibition during the Kunsnartun Festival:

1. A series of 9 contemporary rosemȧling inspired drawings and paintings on paper together with a circular video projection

exploring a politics of resistance encoded within the work.

2. A virtual reality experience inspired by a poem from the Norwegian anarchist writer, Jens Bjørneboe filmed inside his

original 'loftet' (wooden cabin).

3. A short film 'tingmȧling' 13 mins, HD video, documenting the local rural life and landscape in relation to technology and

the violence of human nature.

Still Image from 'tingmȧling' 13mins, HD video, 2018.

17.07.18 montenegrofisher performance. Hard Work, The Beehive, London.

Luna montenegro & Adrian fisher perform a series of actions and sound poems including: top trumps, ozzy osbourne re-take march 1981

(materials: altered plaster statue of Venus, red wine, steel plate). some notes on time (materials: 5m measuring tape), there and then, revolution,

customs union amendment (materials: electric guitar). An evening of music, poetry and performance featuring: Iris Colomb, Amy Cutler,

Emmanuelle Waeckerle & Marie Cecile Reber, James Malone, Antonio Acunzo. Thanks to Paul Ingram and Edward Shipsey. Animations made

from video by mmmmm and Edward Shipsey.

14.07.18 mmmmm performance. Charlton Gallery Third Anniversary, 96 Charlton Street, London NW1.

Luna montenegro, Adrian fisher, Katherine Bash perform a series of 7 sound poems: OYE, E for Delphi, We are all immigrants,

New cross, Homage to Joseph Beuys 1974 (I like America and America likes me), Pyramid of the moon, Alacaluf, Shake it.

Thanks to Javier Calderón.

10.07.18 luna montenegro performative reading, South American women poets at The Feminist Library,

Westminster Bridge Road, London. Presented by Carnival Press.
Luna Montenegro reads from her new short collection of poems published by One Night Stanza, 2018. Other poets reading

Ligia Dabul's Garça Torta and visual artist Julieta Hanono. Thanks to Virna Teixeira Carnival Press.

25.06.18 montenegrofisher performative reading, Poetry in Expanded Translation, Iklectik, London.

Poems: De-tuning, When everything gets taken the wrong way, Spell - english-anglo-saxon-selk'nam-spanish,

Courtship ritual of The Lantern Fly, Stomach (from The intuitive Dictionary of Alvaro Guevara), Madame Dee.
Other readers: Tim Atkins, Emma Bennett, Vicki Bennett, Lee Ann Brown, Iris Colomb, Amy Evans, Harry Gilonis,

Jeff Hilson, Sharon Kivland & Clémentine Bedos, Peter Manson, Tommy Peeps, Roehampton students (Tess O'Hara,

Mehmet Suleyman, Steph Vicers), Jonathon Skinner, Zoë Skoulding, Simon Smith, Philip Terry, Stephen Watts.

Courtship Ritual of The Lantern Fly - montenegrofisher. Image by Jeff Hilson.

Lantern Fly (Lanternaria phosphor) image by E.S. Ross .

18.06.18 montenegrofisher publishing 'sometimes all networks crumble'

audio poem and visual image published in Erotoplasty magazine

16.06.18 montenegrofisher performances. Hosts and DJ's of The Polyphonic Poetry Ball

Faculty of English, Cambridge University.

luna montenegro - sea poem

adrian fisher - topspin

luna montenegro reading in Turn on the Heat by A.A.Fair. Written by Dodie Bellamy, Directed by Kevin Killian.

montenegrofisher reading in Sop Doll! Written & Directed by Lee Ann Brown & Tony Torn.

15.06.18 montenegrofisher performance at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge. The Polyphonic Poetry Take-over.

Poetry as sound / Performance / Theatre. Thanks to Lee Ann Brown, Tony Torn and Kettle's Yard.

The Polyphonic Poetry Festival featured work and performances by Helen Adam-Tim Atkins-Dodie Bellamy-Joe Brainard-
Lee Ann Brown-Corina Copp-Theresa Hak Kyung Cha-Max Fletcher-Will Hall-Carla Harryman-Kevin Killian-Kyoo

Lee-Frank OíHara-Julie Patton-Stav Poleg-Haris Psarras-Sophie Seita- Anne Sexton -Jonathan Skinner-Lorenzo

Thomas-Tick Tock-Tony Torn-Hanna Tuulikki amongst others.

14.06.18 montenegrofisher performance, New Cross Poetry, The Field, London.

Reading montenegrofisher colloborative writings and showing the film

Fatal when they Touch 2018 HD video 5'21"

by mmmmmfilms (luna montenegro, gines olivares, adrian fisher).

24.05.18 Group Exhibition mmmmm showing works on paper in Caja Negra (Black Box).

GAM - Centro de Las Artes y La Cultura Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile.

A group exhibition on creative process in relation to performance.

Curated by Fundación Plagio.

image from Exhibition catalogue

17.05.18 ALSO live at New River Studios, 199 Eade Road, London, UK.

Oliver Marchant, Serafina Steer, Luna Montenegro & Adrian Fisher play a live insect set. Other bands in the evening;

Kif Kif, John Arthur, Winka Wayno Sound System. Thanks to Gregorio Fontén and Llama Pop.

25.04.18 montenegrofisher curate The Last Wednesday Society, Biddle Bros, 88 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0QR.

An evening of poetic soundscapes fusing poetry, performance and sound with Iris Colomb, Andrés Anwandter,

Xavier Velastin, Uran Apak, María José Andrade, Rodrigo Arteaga, Raisa Bosich, Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro.

Thanks to Dave Maric and Biddle Bros.

21.04.18 montenegrofisher reading in The Non-normative Poetry Book Fair.

T.Chances, 399 High Road, London. N17 6QN

montenegrofisher read from their recent collective writings, invited by Crater Press

Other readings in the Fair by Julia Rose Lewis, Prudence Bussey-Chamberlain, Virna Teixeira, Tom Allen, Naomi Webber,

Jeff Hilson, Johan de Wit, Antony John, Eleanor Perry, Verity Spott, Allen Fisher, Pierre Joris, Linus Slug, Doug Jones,

Wayne Clements, Camilla Nelson, Mike Weller, Paul Hawkins, Laurel Uziell.

photo Virna Teixeira

15.04.18 ALSO in Collusion, microfestival of poetry & music at Grow, 98c Wallis Rd, Hackney Wick, London E9 5LN

Sefa Steer, Olivier Marchant, Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro play an improvising landscape of sound and poetry in the

Collusion Festival. Thanks to Jonathan Mann and all the people at Grow, Jordanna, Ruben and the Grow team.

photo Camila Cociña.

14.04.18 montenegrofisher present and discuss their recent collective poetry writings as invited poets at Writers Forum

Workshop (New Series). Barley Mow, 127 Curtain Road, Old Street, London. EC2A 3BX.

Thanks to Antony John, Matt Martin and The Forum.

09.03.18 Fire, Fatberg, Fish - audio work, 57'

Collaboration between William Rowe, Helen Dimos, Luna Montenegro & Adrian Fisher.

Broadcast on Beton7 art radio, Athens, Greece. Human sounds with found text and noise - remixed.

24.01.18 montenegrofisher reading from 24-poems-cross-tongue-collaboration and screening of 'Los Infantes del Castillo'

(mmmmmfilms) extract 4', DV. Crosscurrents - Latin American and Anglophone Avant-gardes.
University of London, Birkbeck Keynes Library, 43 Gordon Square, London.

Organised by Birkbeck University Contemporary Poetics Research Centre, Crater Press and Alba Magazine London.

Readings by William Rowe, Stephen Watts, Carlos Soto Roman, Macarena Urzua and montenegrofisher.

Paper presentations by William Rowe, Jessica Pujol and Macarena Urzua.

Thanks to Richard Parker and Jessica Pujol.

Los Infantes del Castillo. DV 16' 2007 London. Short Film. mmmmmfilms

20.01.18 mmmmmfilms - multispecies offline HDV 5' 2017. Fe-Estival de Poemas, Encuentro de Poesías.

Sofá, Santa Isabel 0151, Providencia, Santiago, Chile. Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Marcela Murúa.

multispecies offline. 5' HDV 2017 Berlin. English. subtitles avaliable: Spanish, Catalan, Greek. Short Film. mmmmmfilms

19.01-20.01.18 mmmmmfilms - multispecies offline HDV 5', some recollections of mortality HDV 8'.

International Video Poetry Festival, +the Institute [for Experimental Arts], Athens, Greece.

14.01.2018 Escáner Cultural Magazine. Chile.
'Del arte refractario a la Orquesta de Poetas en Chile' by César Espinosa. Review of our work in the context of

chilean avant garde poetry and contemporary art.

10.01.18 The Archeology of Hope, Published by Head Louse Press, Edited by Merl Fluin, Paul Cowdell & Janice Hathaway,

Book design & on-site object photography by Janice Hathaway, First Edition 2017, ISBN 978-0-244-05308-6.
Luna Montenegro, Adrian Fisher, Ignacio DÌaz collaborate in an image for The spinning McGonagall.

12.11.17 - 22.12.17 multispecies offline. HDV 5' mmmmmfilms showing in mochi-LA, Minneapolis, USA. project space by

The Third Rail & DISONARE curated by Lucia Hinjosa. company projects space, 1237/4th st. Minneapolis, USA.

27.10.17 ALSO (Oliver Marchant, Sefa Steer, Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro) - improvised soundscapes - first audio track

release on The Synergy Single Split series.

07.10.17 Le Parcours d'Aleph. mmmmm in collaboration with Les Therapoètes for NuitBlanche, Paris.

Place de Starlingrad, Paris, France. Un grand merci á tous ceux qui sont venus et ceux qui nous ont aidé á réaliser ce beaux projet

collectif #ParcoursD'aleph: Martin Bakero, Benjatador Gallo, Kurtis Putralk, Elisa Matilde, Dado Amaral, Astrid Renoux, Memo Guilhèn Dumay,

Cesar Antonio, Estay Herrera, Delfina Ton Art Charlotte Bayer-Broc, Estela Violeta, Andreas B. Krueger, Doctora Alexandra Caligari, Jorge Eduardo,

Jesús Jean Martinez Mogrovejo, Manu Manuela, Carolina Olivares, mmmmm, @Martin Claude, Kohi Seear, Reza Rajabee, Kaveh Kishipour,

@Studio Movil Marie-anne Bernard Kojima Cécile, @La Hutte Synthétique Bruno Jacomino, Zoé Martin-Gousset, Simone Vianna Verdier,

@Antoine De Mena, @Manuela Mohor, Laure Cab Léna Leroy.

14.09.17 hurcana (from the indigenous language Nahuatl meaning 'on one leg') - mmmmm performance

Collaboration with Lucía Hinojosa. At 'Simulacra' Experimental Performance and Poetry, Bandini, Espacio Cultural, Bucarelli 69,

Colonia Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico. Thanks to Simulacra and Nestor Quiñones. Materials: trumpet, HD video projection.

07.09.17 ecos magmáticos / magmatic echoes - mmmmm performance.

Curated by Lucía Hinojosa. Tetetlán, Casa Barragán, Jardines del Pedregal 180 -B Mexico City, Mexico.

In the context of the 'Culture Arts Patronage' Prize awarded to Moisés Cosio. Thanks to Cesar Cervantes, Rocío, Viviana,

Mariana and the whole team at Tetetlán.

Materials: magma, paper, water, bubblegum. Thanks to UNAM, Mexico University, Department of Vulcanology.

10-16.07.17 Paros Translation Symposium, Beton7 Arts Center, Votanikos, Athens, Greece.

Working together to bring Greek poetry into English and vice versa, the forum is a diverse group of artists with different aesthetics

and linguistic repertoires. Organised by Helen Dimos, Susan Gevirtz, Siarita Kouka.

29.06.17 partial circle within a circle (with reference to dom sylvester houédard) - mmmmm performance.

Curated by Nicola Simpson. Richard Saltoun Gallery, London.

The repetitions and permutations possible within performance and ritual were always central to the practices of the artist and Benedictine monk

Dom Sylvester Houédard. Working with artists such as John Cage, the Exploding Galaxy and Bob Cobbing, his work explored contemplation,

language and sound. Join the artists Montenegro & Fisher as they reflect on pieces in the current exhibition, revisit their sounds and visual strengths,

investigate dsh's ideas of translation, trance communication, abstraction and meditation. Performance curated by Nicola Simpson.

Thanks to Richard Saltoun Gallery. Current exhibition Dom Sylvester Houédard: Typestracts (26 May - 14 July 2017), Richard Saltoun Gallery

showcases a comprehensive collection of Typestracts produced between 1963 and 1975, anchoring his position as a leading visionary of the British

1960s cultural revolution (Richard Saltoun Gallery text).

images: Angel Chun, Francesca Wezel, Silvia Bonardi

28.06.17 Last Wednesday Society - guest curators. Biddle Bros, Hackney, London.

image: montenegrofisher

11.05.17 Group Exhibition - mmmmmm - Galeria AFA, Santiago, Chile.

03 - 05.05.17 Luna Montenegro in Wales International Poetry Festival.

21.04.17 nada se crea ni se destruye II - collectivo mmmmm - curators - Galeria AFA, Philips 16, Santiago, Chile.

Final event with live performances, artists, poets and makers: Felipe Cussen, Martín Gubbins, Eugenio González, NORMAMOR,

DIARIOS DE GUERRA, Juan Pablo Langlois, DJs: Gepe, Javiera Mena, Dominga Sotomayor. Thanks to Galería AFA,

Edgardo Cruz - photography and the people that participated in the performances and danced till the early hours.

20.04.17 nada se crea ni se destruye I - collectivo mmmmm - curators - Galeria AFA, Philips 16, Santiago, Chile.

A night of live performance, poetry, sound travels, dance and other possibilities with Richard Parker, Compañía KANDYAN,

Alfonso Cobarrubias, Elodie Fulton, Martín Gubbins, Ricardo Castro & Marcela Rosen: Poesía Impopular, mmmmmfilms:

Ginés Olivares, Adrian Fisher & Luna Montenegro 'as the crow flies'

Thanks to Irene Abujatum, Elodie Fulton and the whole team at Galería AFA, Eugenio González - production, Edgardo Cruz -

photography, Jaime Rojas, Aurelia Ballcels & the audience for their impromptu performances and drawings.

13.04.17 the yet - jam - Galeria AFA

artists and poets were invited to an extended jam recording night.

30.03.17-17.04.17 Group Exhibition. AFA#84. montenegrofisher. drawings and sculpture. Galeria AFA, Philips 16, Santiago, Chile.

Compounds series: flowers of anatomy. 2014. pigment ink on archival paper. (0.4mx0.3m) spirit of salt. 2014. pigment ink on archival paper. (0.4mx0.3m)

traversible matrix #08. 2015. pigment ink on archival paper.(0.42mx0.42mx0.04m)

Chaos series: Ether. 2014. pigment ink on archival paper. (0.42x0.594m) Air. 2014. pigment ink on archival paper. (0.42x0.594m)

Earth. 2014. pigment ink on archival paper. (0.42x0.594m)

cero trazos (Public intervention & Installation). 2011. plaster, wood, glass. (1mx1mx0.12m). launch pad II. 2015. Aluminium.(0.46mx0.45mx0.56m)

17.03.2017 performance. the yet. Cabaret Cultural VI, Karamel, London N22.

the yet improvised: hi, table tennis with Donald, everything is changing, subversivo, free your mind.

Organised by El Ojo de la cultura & ZTR Radio - a group show of music and poetry.

image: George Venus

07.03.2017 mmmmm. performance. 'two cabbages having a fight' (Leonora Carrington) for Flights #1 at the

Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury.

Flights is an occassional series of events featuring poetry and performance. Flights #1 celebrated

International Women's Day, organised by Jennie Cole, Prue Chamberlain, and Eley Williams from the

Poetics Research Centre at Royal Holloway, University of London. Review of the event in spanish by Ignazio Díaz

07.02.2017 performance. Veer Launch (Ashford, Cobbing, Harvey, Terry), I'klectik Art Lab, Old Paradise Yard,

Waterloo SE1 7LG.

Launch of the new edition of Jennifer Pike Cobbing's Computer Dances. Readings by Adrian Clarke, Ulli Freer, William Rowe,

Elizabeth James, cris cheek, montenegrofisher, Steve Willey and Becky Cremin.

digital image: Jeff Hilson

19.01.17 performance & film. mmmmmfilms. SOROLLS EXTRANYS, Espai Cocteau, Barcelona, Cataluynia.

Poetry readings and performances from
Gimena Cattaneus, Ginés Olivares, Leonardo Garzaro, Adrian Fisher,

Luna Montenegro, Gregorio Fontaine, Ginebra Raventos, Daphne Xanthopoulou, Ale Fernández & Andrew Montenegro.

7.01.17 - 02.04.17 Exhibition. "Transforma: el poder de la palabra" Fundación Plagio, Fundación Cultural de Providencia,

Nueva Providencia 1995, Chile.

Group Show curated by Fundación Plagio. Artists from different disciplines reflect on the transformative power of language.

mente. montenegrofisher. 2017. Transforma. 2017

09.12.16 performance. readings from 'The Intuitive Dictionary of Álvaro Guevara' by montenegrofisher.
Slade Lecture Theatre, Slade School of Arts, London with lecture by Ignacio Acosta on 'Intuitive Projects'.

07.12.16 performance. the yet - I'klectik, Old Paradise Yard, Carlisle Lane, London.

Montenegro Fisher & Ana Rosa Ibañez. set list: happy warming, trouble, Tó, words, shake it, impro instrumental up beat.
On the occassion of Veer Book Launch: Jèssica Pujol Duran, enter exit is so difficult, trans by William Rowe book.
Other artists: Daniel Eltringham, Sara Torres. Thanks to Eduardo at Iklectik, Dave Marric and Cris.

25.11.16 performance. 'as long as there are books there will be dreams of burning.'
(Edmond Jabès: The Book of Questions Vol. II) for the event Despite Words: Telharmonium Mk.IV at By Other Means Gallery,
The Tram Depot, London E5 8BQ. Curated by Iris Colomb. Thanks Xavier Velastin for sound support and the team at
By Other Means Gallery.

Poem titles and the materials for the performance:
(all titles taken from Edmond Jabès: The Book of Questions Vol. II)

1. 'Emptiness becomes law' - mocha coffee pot
2. 'Weight of the word' - 2 x A4 white paper
3. 'Almost nothing' - rubber glove + poem
4. In the kingdom of sand, a sound promises eyes' - Book: 'Shamanism, Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy' Mircea Eliade,
white paper 54mm x 86mm blown in the directions of the cardinal points
5. 'Does the word choose its death?' - scissor, paper, stone x 2
6. 'Seeing means opening doors' - Virtual Reality Headset, keys
7. 'Time is double where the track shows' - electric toothbrush, original epilady
8. 'As long as there are books there will be dreams of burning.' - foil, potato x 2
9. 'The universe is caught in the point like the sea in a drop of water' - Insulation tape roll,
text: shake it, shake your hips, shake your ears, shake your brain, shake it, shake it, shake it.

20.11.16 performance. pach a ma maaaaa. Battersea Barge, London.

Five mediations on mother earth. Part of Cultural Cabaret, Battersea Spanish. Other appearances by: Carlos Fonseca,
Russel Slater and Mauricio Velasierra, Leila Segal, Pablo Navarrete, Wilmer Sifontes and guest, Lorena Cervera Ferre,
Fernando Sdrigotti, Bitch N Monk ( with Wilmer).

30.10.16 performance. popapolíticos. Latinale Laboratorio. Lettrétage das Literaturhaus, Berlin Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.

Luna Montenegro, Gines Olivares, Adrian Fisher. Performances of new works including 'ni una menos' and 'Dakota.'
Latinale organised by Diana Grothues & Timo Berger.

17.10.16 publishing. Adrian Fisher & Luna Montenegro. Instantes de un archivo en movimiento. Presentación Laura Lattanzi.
Arte Hacker. (Instants of an archive in movement by Laura Lattanzi in spanish). Thanks to David Bustos.

13.10.16 performance. Heretics - a live book. Contraband Live Poetry, Charterhouse Bar, Smithfield Market, London EC1M.

Five visual and sound poems including a site-specific work.
Other readings by Stephen Mooney (launching his new poetry collection), Andrew Spragg and Linus Slug.
Organised by David Ashford (Contraband books) and Matt Martin.

video documentation by Ollie Evans.

05.10.16 performance. 'society of non-human actors (scene IV)' for Vocal Vertebra #3 BCN.
Fundación Phonos, Campus Poblenou UPF,Barcelona.

Organised by Gregorio Fonten with quadrophonic spacialisation. Other participants in the festival: Eduard Escoffet,
Maja Jantar, Lis Costa & Josep M. Jordana, Maria Jesús Olivos, Yasmin Kuymizakis, Matt Robertson, Lola Nieto, Pia Sommer.

10.08.16 - 31.08.16 Residency at La Cité des Insectes, Chaud, Nedde, France by collectiff mmmmm.
Exhibition continues to November 2016.

'Flies, according to Deleuze and Guattari, are intrinsically multiple, like maggots and wolves, their swarms are simply the

aggregations of individuals, rather than molar formations like ants-nests or bee-hives (1988, 239).'
The Ancient Commonwealth of Flies, Steven Connor, 2004

collectif mmmmm in residence at La Cité des Insectes for three weeks during August, 2016.

They made three different shows of work;

poetics of resistence / poétiques de la résistance - Show. Installation / Performance in the surrounding landscape of

La Cité des Insectes
flexible thoughts / pensees flexibles - Show. Installation / Performance at Treignac Projet
buzzzz - studio Show, La Cité des Insectes

Thanks to Regine & Jim Elliot at La Cité des Insectes, Sam Basu at Treignac Projet.

Below: three images from the 'society of non human actors' series, Nedde, France, 2016.

soc II

society for non human actors (scene II). collectif mmmmm, Stag beetle, butterfly, gold acrylic paint, ink drawing on paper, two bricks, transparent acrylic dome. 2016.

'...insects as a figure of thinking to illuminate those sides of our experience that are non-conscious: affect, instinct,
embodiment and knowledge that stems from an unfolding, intensive embodiment in milieu relations...' (p.7)
Jacob Gaboury, 'Radical Ethology: Jussi Parikka's Insect Media'

soc I

society for non human actors (scene I). collectif mmmmm, installation. Carabus Problematicas ♂ & ♀, styrofoam, pins, glass bell jar, ink on paper, ceramic tile. 2016

'digital technologies and art expose the animal in the human being." (p.204) 'That is, those bodies and systems
that are radically nonhuman'.

Jussi Parikka - 'Insect Media'. New APPS: Art, Politics, Philosophy, Science, 2011. Web. April 19, 2011

soc III

society for non human actors (scene III). collectif mmmmm, installation. Chrysocarabus Auronitens ♂ & ♀, Carabus Problematicas ♀ & ♂.
Limoges porcelain table and chairs, musical notation - Les Fiancés d'Auverge, bell shape vitrine. 2016.

21.07.16 montenegrofisher, performance. other sounds and the sounds of others. Inusual Project, Barcelona, Spain.
in Poesía Sonora: recital 2. Other performances by Jèssica Pujol, Gregorio Fontén, Albert Pellicer and Alba Tor.

20.07.16 montenegrofisher, performance. Things you can't grasp. Club Cronopios, Barcelona, Spain.
in Poesía Sonora: recital 1. Other performances by Loa Neto, Jèssica Pujol, Gregorio Fontén and Richard Parker.

09.07.16 THE YET, performance. Chalton Gallery, Chalton Street. London.
Celebrating one year of the Chalton Gallery THE YET (Luna Montnengro, Ana Rosa Ibañez, Adrian Fisher)
perform 'Grand old Duke of York'. Performance curated by Sofia Casarin. Thanks to Javier Calderón.

29.06.16 THE YET, IN-OUT - performance. Last Wednesday Society, Biddle Bros, London.
Live sound performance by: THE YET - Adrian Fisher, Ana Rosa Ibañez, Luna Montenegro, Gregorio Fonten.
Thanks to Uran Upak and Dave Maric

10-12.06.16 THE YET Performances and Exhibition at Paratissima Skopje, Macedonia.

Drawings and objects as scores for three live onomatopoetic performances. Adrian Fisher, Ana Rosa Ibañez,
Gregorio Fontén and Luna Montenegro - experimental vocals and processed rhythms sometimes inducing trance.

28.05.16 THE YET Performance. 'Trouble' at Gala No.3 = Disappointment. 5 Fountayne Road, London N15 4QL.
Thanks to George Finlay Ramsay.

THE YET play 'Trouble' a set featuring work specially commissioned for the Disappointment Gala, including 1,2,3,4. trouble.
key yi ya. Adrian Fisher, Ana Rosa Ibañez and Luna Montenegro - experimental vocals and rhythms, drift and swing through
inner and ether. THE YET work with sound and visual poetry to create onomatopoeic soundscapes.

digital image: Beatriz Salinas.

17.05.16 - 03.06.16 Video Installation. Some Recollections of Mortality by mmmmmfilms (Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro,
Ginés Olivares) 'Puertas Cambiantes' International Festival of Experimental Video. Organised by Proceso de Error,
Curated by Juan Yolin and Daniela Lillo. GalerÌa Municipal de ValparaÌso, Condell 1550, ValparaÌso, Chile.

06.04.16 Performance. THE YET present: Last Wednesday Society, Biddle Bros, London.
Live sound performances by: Cristopher Timmer, Dave Maric, Uran Upak, THE YET - Adrian Fisher, Ana Rosa Ibañez,
Luna Montenegro with guest keyboard Dave Maric. Thanks to Dave Maric.

07.04.16 Performance. Reading of the spanish translation by Luna Montenegro of Verity Spott's poem;
"Extracts from Gideon." for ALBA LONDRES #07 launch, Instituto Cervantes, 102 Eaton Square, London.
Voice: Luna Montenegro, Sound: Adrian Fisher.

01.04.16 - 11.11.16 Exhibition. 'La possibilité de révolution' installation, documentation from 'Le Jardin Des Delices'
La Cité des Insects, Nedde, Limoges, France.

Work from 2010 in a group show of artists and naturalists who have been residents of the Cité des Insects.
Thanks to Jim & Régine Elliot.

24.03.2016 Performance. 'die noch nicht' LaBettoLab. Berlin, Germany.

Die Noch Nicht playing a live set of wild poetic soundscapes. Adrian Fisher, Ana Rosa Ibañez,
Luna Montenegro + Guests. Thanks to Cristian Forte, Michelle Marie Letelier, Panxi & David, Stefan.

13.03.2016 Performance. There is no enemy. Pneumatikos. Lettrétage das Literaturhaus, Berlin Kreuzberg,
Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin, Germany.

Martin Bakero, Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro, Larry Cow. Pneumatikos is a sound machine producing language
that is processed by electronics to form landscapes and cities. It is an evolving poetic experiment using the body
and objects to create and move sound. Text becomes scrambled in the organic flow of trance.

02.2016 Publishing. LEG AVANT: The New Poetry of Cricket. ISBN 978-1-326-46922-1.

Three poems by montenegrofisher in a new anthology that collects radical poetry about cricket from around the world with a series of specially commissioned illustrations.

Leg Avant, edited by Richard Parker, includes Tim Atkins, Oliver Baggot, Nia Davies, Ken Edwards, Gregorio Fontaine, Laura Foster Twigg, Chris Hall, John Hall, Alan Halsey, Ben Hickman, Jeff Hilson, Peter Hughes, Peter Jaeger, Anthony John, Sarah Kelly, Tony Lopez, Chiaki Matsubayashi, Michaela Meise, Geraldine Monk, Montenegro Fisher, Jessica Pujol, Andrew Spragg, Edward Suckling, Scott Thurston, Rhys Trimble, Carl Watts, Nick Whittock, Josephine Wood. From Crater Press

28.02.2016 Performance. mummerehlen by mmmmm, Lettrétage das Literaturhaus in Berlin Kreuzberg, Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin, Germany.

'The mummerehlen itself confided nothing to me. Its gaze spilled out from the irresolute flakes of the first snow.' Walter Benjamin

Performance using text, sound and the body to encounter the unnamable, in between lines, in between mental states, a moment of trance, a shared experience of time-space and its (im)possibilities.

mummerehlen was shown as part of the Event, Rituale fur die Unsichtbaren, with Poets: Anna Fedorova, Max Czollek, Lydia Daher, Performance by mmmmm, Rudolf Band: Ignatz Bee & Cristian Forte. Thanks to Diana Grothues, Timo Berger, Maria Fenske.

digital still from video Michelle Marie Letelier.

17.02.16 'cai cai' Publishing & Performance. One Night Stanza Press, Feb 2016. Book Launch and reading, London.
'cai cai' is a book collaboration by Luna Montenegro, Adrian Fisher, Jèssica Pujol, Gregorio Fontén. Thanks to Tim Atkins.
One Night Stanza is a press created by Luna Montenegro to publish books created through a one night meeting.

12.02.16 Performance. the yet, live at The Clinker. London. Thanks Hugh Metcalfe.

05.02.16 Performance. the yet, live at Leyden Gallery, London.

05.02.16 - 08.02.16 Exhibition. Landless - Dhaka Art Summit, Safina Radio Project. Bangladesh.
Broadcast of sound installation in collaboration with Yasmin Jahan Nupur. Safina Radio Project is an itinerant broadcasting
platform, official partner of Dhaka Art Summit, a programme of conversation and sound work with artists and curators.
Project curated by Anabelle de Gersigny.

29.01.16 Performance. the yet - onomatopoeic landscapes (band formed by Adrian Fisher, Gregorio Fontén,
Ana Rosa Ibañez and Luna Montenegro).
Live at 'The Last Wednesday Society', London. Thanks to Dave Maric. Silvia Bonardi HD video.
excerpt from performance (this link opens in vimeo external site).

12.01.16 Publishing. TONIC - TONIC/02/PRINT. Quarterly Art Journal, Santiago Chile, interview by Camila Opazo
with montenegrofisher.

23.12.15 - 16.1.16 Exhibition. Panorama. Galeria AFA, Philips 16, Santiago, Chile.
montenegrofisher showing drawings and sculpture in a group retrospective show of the Gallery.

07.12.15 Publishing. 'there is no enemy' One Night Stanza Press, Dec. 2015 book launch and reading. Paris, France.
'there is no enemy' - book collaboration by Luna Montenegro, Adrian Fisher, Martin Bakero.
One Night Stanza is a new press created by Luna Montenegro to publish books created through a one night meeting.

05.12.15 Performance. Cross Mutt - montenegrofisher performance at La Societe de Curiosites, Paris, France.

Continuing our exploration of the work and ideas of Marcel Duchamp this new performance explores water and

the sound of the already made Egouttoir or Porte-bouteilles or Herisson (bottle dryer or hedgehog), 1914.

Thanks to Martin Bakero and Eric Perrier.

Screening of 'The impossible crime' dv video 7', 2008, Paris, France. The film explores the 'the impossible crime'

an act in French criminal law that describes the circumstances for committing the impossible crime.

Adrian Fisher and Luna Montenegro in collaboration with Aurelia Balcells. Thanks to Martin Bakero and Isabel Rodriguez.

22.10.15 Performance and Publishing. Poetry Wales Patagonia Celebration. poetry reading. Cardiff.

A special Patagonian-themed event to celebrate the recent issue 'Wales, Patagonia and the cultures of imagination'.
'Chilean poet, performer and artist Luna Montenegro will be in Cardiff especially to perform her poems haunted by
the dead languages and lost cultures of Patagonia.'

06.10.15 Peformance. ritual for the invisible. performance. Terrace de edificio Pasaje Philips No. 16, 7th Floor.

Launch of Block Magico (Book). Editors: Soledad Garcia & Brandon LaBelle.

Thanks to Patara from CONACIN for leading the ritual at sunset on the Terrace above the main square of

Santiago, Chile. A chapter by montenegrofisher in Magic Block considers the idea of locality through documentation
of the performance they made 15/10/14 around Museo de la Soldaridad Salvador Allende, Santiago, Chile.

10.09.15 - 14.11.15 Solo Exhibition. Shortcuts in space and time, Drawings, sculpture, installation, video

Galeria AFA, Philips 16, Santiago, Chile.

Solo show exploring ideas of the hypothetical 'Einstein-Rosen Bridge' commonly known as 'wormholes'

through time and space. Drawings, sculpture, installation, video (in collaboration with Gines Olivares) and two

performances on 26.09.15 and 10.09.15. See images below.

26.09.15 jump. performance in AFA Gallery. video Mauricio Peralta.

Stills from video: Mauricio Peralta

10.09.15 Performance. shortcuts in time and space performance in collaboration with

Thanks to Escuela Escena Física students, Ricardo Gaete, Martín Gubbins, Valentina Haye, Nico Rojas, Jose Antonio Szabo.

Photos: Gabriel Ortega

Shortcuts in space and time - Images from the art show

score for time/space travel / partitura para viaje espacio/tiempo. montenegrofisher 2015

Launch Pad / Plataforma de despegue. montenegrofisher 2015. Photo: Mauricio Peralta

helmet of desire/casco del deseo. montenegrofisher 2015. Photo: Mauricio Peralta

22.09.15 Performance. Micro Taller, Recital y Performance. Foro de Escritores, Fundacion Lumbre, Republica 996, Limache, Chile.

21.09.15 Performance & Video. Lecturas Normades. performance and mmmmmfilms 'as the crow flies' short film in collaboration with Gines Olivares. Foro de Escritores Gallo Negro, Valparaiso, Chile.

September 2015. Publishing. alba 08 lateinamerika lesen. poetry magazine published Berlin, Germany.

Text in German and Spanish. artwork published in the magazine.

25.07.15 Performance. eating a god. performance. New River Studios, London N4 1DN.

photo Camila Cociña.

Live performance of 12 sound poems reflecting on the universe. Screening

'Los Infantes del Castillo' by mmmmmfilms 2007. Thanks to Gregorio Fontaine for organising and his

film V Region Songscape for video and live quadrophonic audio. Thanks to Thomas Blackburn.

23.07.15 Performance. Xing the line, The Apple Tree, 45 Mount Pleasant London. WC1X
poetry readings by montenegrofisher - patagonia to oxford street, Derek Beaulieu, Sarah Crewe, Zack Haber
organised by Jeff Hilson

24.05.15 - 13.06.15 Exhibition. Landless, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy of Art
sound installation in collaboration with Yasmin Jahan Nupur
14/3 Segunbagicha, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

16.04.15 - 18.04.15 Performance. Izmir Poetry Festival, Dokuz Eylul University, Selcuk University, Izmir, Turkey.

readings from 'The Intuitive Dictionary of Alvaro Guevara' by montenegrofisher.

screening of 'some recollections of mortality' by mmmmmfilms 2012. Thanks to Richard Parker, Jessica Pujol and the whole organising team.

06.03.15 - 02.04.15 Publishing. Sun & Shadow: mmmmm on Alvaro Guevara. 'The Intuitive Dictionary of Alvaro Guevara' - Artists' book and Sound installation. Curated by Ignacio Acosta and Simon Lewandowski. Exhibition at the WPP Project Space, University of Leeds with a live performance at The Tetley, Art Centre, Leeds.

A selection of pages from The Intuitive Dictionary of Alvaro Guevara, 2015. published by Intuitive Projects, London.

In the context of Sun & Shadow: Looking for Alvaro Guevara (1894-1951), an exhibition with slides from Alvaro's personal photographic album made by Ignacio Acosta. The show proposes a fictional encounter with the Artist Alvaro Guevara through his found personal photographic collection, a book, sound installation and performance using his late poetic work, Dictionnaire Intuitif, 1951. Thanks to Igncio Acosta, Simon Lewandowski, Chris Taylor, Zejun.

04.03.15 performance as compostion, a sound discussion, Delfina Foundation, Victoria, London.

A sound jam exploring ideas of space, sound reflection, four living languages: English, Bengali, Portuguese, Spanish and one extinct language 'Selk'nam' from Patagonia with Artists Yasmin Jahan Nupur and Benjamin Abras. Thanks to Gabriela Salgado and Delfina Foundation.

extracts from the live audio recording can be found at:

30.02.15 Performance. 'Sampling Guevara' PARCspace, London College of Communication, Elephant & Castle, London.

A performative reading of the 'dictionnaire intuitif' of Alvaro Guevara, translated by Luna Montenegro & Adrian Fisher. In the context of Sun & Shadow: Looking for Alvaro Guevara (1894-1951), an exhibition with slides from Alvaro's personal photographic album made by Ignacio Acosta.

15.10.14 Performance. Republica 475 y su block, Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende, Santiago, Chile.

Performance and Interventions to create multiple narratives inside and around the locality of the Museum. Within the context of ' Block Magico' an Exhibition curated by Soledad Garcia & Brandon LaBelle.

Photographs: Camilo@Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende & stills from HD Video Jose Antonio Szabo

01.07.14 Performance. Amun & Amunet, Philippine Embassy, London.

Performance. On the occassion of the London Biennale 2014 Finale at Noel de Leon's Exhibition curated by Eva Bentcheva. Thanks to David Medella and Adam Nankervis.

19.03.14 - 29.03.14 Solo Exhibition. Rites for Gods and Dogs, Cecilia Brunson Projects,
Royal Oak Yard, Bermondsey St, London SE13 GD.

Link to: 'Droste Effect' contemporary art magazine review

Exhibition and Performance. performers: luna montenegro, adrian fisher, kiren murzello, bernardita munoz. sound: jakob smedegaard, yuri betancourt, sefa steer, raisa veikkola, frida alvinzi, sam steer and anonymous collaborators. Photographer patrick dodds, Video lara garcia reyne. Thanks to silvia bornardi & keith murzello.

24.10.13 - 25.10.13 Film. some recollections of mortality, mmmmmfilms, DOCtorCLIP 2013, Rome Poetry Film Festival, NUOVO CINEMA AQUILA - via L'Aquila, 68 - Rome, Italy.
honorable mention:
'For their powerfully balanced use of multiple forms of expression: music, sound, image, word, in order to provide a storyline by Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro and Gines Olivares.'

28.09.13 Performance. 'how to handle an artwork' mutt performance space, Chile Arte Contemporaneo - ChACO 2013. Performance. Materials: transparent latex gloves, microphone, delay, PA system.

digital photo by Geraldine Crawford from live performance by mmmmm

26.09.13 - 30.09.13 Exhibition. montenegrofisher, Pop Up spaces, Estacion Mapocho, Santiago, Chile. Installation. Chile Arte Contemporaneo - ChACO 2013. Series of works on paper investigating the documentation of an event, a presence, a moment in relation to ideas of transformation by montenegrofisher. 'Aurora' (HD video 2' 27'') 2011, installation by mmmmmfilms (Gines Olivares, Luna Montenegro, Adrian Fisher). Thanks to Pira Montenegro and Geraldine Crawford.

digital photo by Geraldine Crawford

26.07.13 Performance in relation to 'great cultural revolutionary medical pekinese protest stove' by Dom Syvester Houédard, 1969. - Man & Eve Gallery, Lower Marsh, London UK. Site-specific live performance made for the finissage of 'On the (im)possibility of a pure praise poem'. Materials: pianola score, digital sound reader, edible alphabet letters made from flour and water, portable speakers, glass bowl. Camera - Gines Olivares. Event organised by Matt Martin in conjunction with SLAM Last Fridays. Artists in The Show: Dom Syvester Houédard (dsh), Aliki Braine, Mark Dean, Anna Sikorska.

07.05.13 'The hair is always growing' - in La Corriente de Humboldt, Birkbeck College, London UniversityUK.

Performance with poetry soundscape. Thanks to Constanza Ceresa

30.05.13 hair-raising - for 'Best Haircuts in History' at Gino's / We Are Cuts, 33A Dean Street, Soho, London W1D. UK

Site-specific live performance at the opening - curated by Cedar Lewisohn.

Forming a beard and a phallus from two years of collected hair from one of the artists, a combined genital ikon is formed through an interactive ritual inside a working hairdressers salon.

digital photo by Patrick Dodds from live performance by mmmmm

29.05.13 animal rites - for le SACre 100 YEARS at Lumiere, Chatsworth Road, London.

curated by Dave Maric.

11.05.13 FONLAD #09_2013 videoplay. videoperformances
MIVA - International Video Art Screenings
at Space for Media Arts and Performance Center, Pinheiro Chagas Street, no. 60, Coimbra - Portugal.

mmmmmfilms showing as part of videoplay.

21.12.12 hard boiled alchemy - HUSH at The Perseverance, Lamb's Conduit Street, London.

Site-specific live performance. 'The vessel or Philosophic Egg is here encrusted to the care of Vulcan, so that the chicken of the wise may hatch.' (Speculum veritatis, 17th centuary, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana). materials: 8 white lace ladies briefs, pink ladies toweling robe, pink ladies swimsuit, black Gogol style fake fur hat, red wine, gyroscopic senser linked to portable synthesiser and amplifier, 2 eggs.

28.11.12 some recollections of mortality - (originating medium HD Video 8') UK 2012. English.Poezijos Festivalis TARP, National Gallery of Art, Konstitucijos av. 22 Vilnius, Lithuania. 'The Best films 2012 of The ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival'

26.11.12 some recollections of mortality - (originating medium HD Video 8') UK 2012. English. Poezijos Festivalis TARP, VDU art galery Ï101Ó, Laisvės av. 53
Kaunas, Lithuania. 'The Best films 2012 of The ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival'

25.11.12 some recollections of mortality - (originating medium HD Video 8') UK 2012. English. Poezijos Festivalis TARP, Klaipėda Exhibition Hall, Vandens str. 2 Klaipeda, Lithuania. 'The Best films 2012 of The ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival'

10.11.12 some recollections of mortality - (originating medium HD Video 8') UK 2012. English.

Latinale 2012 - 7. Mobiles lateinamerikanisches Poesiefestival. St. GEORG, Ritterstrasse 26 (Aqua-Butzke Höfe), 10969 Berlin.

18.10.12 - 21.10.12 some recollections of mortality - (originating medium HD Video 8') UK 2012. English. 6th ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Babylon cinema, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30, 10178 Berlin, Germany (with support from The British Council).

The film explores the presence and absence of the body in relation to contemporary film and popular media cultures. The body is subjected to a criminal investigation in which the global concerns of the economy are placed on the individual. The relation between narrative, text and visual imagery is revealed through a portrait of contemporary suburban lifestyle. The global crisis acts as the 'perfect crime' - everyone is guilty. The film examines how complicit the individual is in the global perfect crime, a crime in which we are all suspects searching for a witness, an other. The film was made through a site-specific collaborative process in which the three artists erase the idea of the author to create a fictional subjectivityboth in writing and film.

27.09.12 - 01.10.12 reflexiones sobre temp-oralidad. Estacion Mapocho, Santiago, Chile. Installation. Chile Arte Contemporaneo - ChACO 2012.

Part of a series of visual and poetic investigations exploring the concept of time in a specific site, its objects and possibilities for transformation. Thanks to Goli Gaete.

27.09.12 - 11.10.12 CoEvolution and Complementarity: Encounters between Transmedia and Multispecies. Berlin, Germany.

Group exhibition featuring as the crow flies 4'21 (HD Video) 2010 by mmmmm film (Luna Montenegro, Gines Olivares, Adrian Fisher)

03.10.12 - 21.10.12 some recollections of mortality - (originating medium HD Video 8') UK 2012. English with French subtitles. BROOKLYN-ROMAINVILLE, Les Salaisons Art Contemporain 25, avenue du Président Wilson 93230, Paris, France. Rencontres Internationales de l’art vidéo et du film court.

31.07.12 the purchase of intimacy. Kick, London.

Live performance. A comment on the relationship between the market and the personal as outlined in Viviana A. Zelizer's book of the same title. A reflection on excess and desire. A participative action in which the soundscape is unexpected and generated by the audience.

materials: Australian red wine, canvas, synthetic roses, fresh strawberries.

(digital photo from the live performance - Francisca Benitez) image editing by mmmmmm.

02.06.12 - 02.10.12 Staircase descending a Nude. The Lookout Gallery, Aldeburgh Art 2012.

The work explores Duchamp's 'Nude descending a staircase' a 100 years after its conception. It embodies the staircase on a nude, it transforms Duchamp's image into a living participative sculpture.

The participative installation investigates the movement of people filmed descending the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout staircase. Passers-by were invited to be active subjects in the filming of the project. A high definition video image is created overlapping 30 film layers to reflect on ideas of time and movement. The film is then projected inside the Lookout Gallery. The public are encouraged to sing a harmonic sound that is amplified in the space to be part of a ritual that makes them the art work as a moving bodily canvas for the projection.

The ideas of science and technology that informed Duchamp's original analogue painting concept are explored through a digital contemporary form (video projection). The clothed movement of people descending a staircase is projected on a 'Nude torso'.

Duchamp's painting in 1912 explored the mechanics of movement and its reframing in painting.

'... we have two parallel movements which correspond to one another.' Duchamp.

In our installation we deform the staircase through the bodily projection. We take the subject of Duchamp's painting, the Nude and use it as a living canvas. Abstracted from the figure in Duchamp's painting, the figure returns with a real presence. Projection and breath together create a living presence for the descent of the staircase.

The Public become the work in the Installation. They are transformed into a skin canvas for the descent of the staircase. Their bodies take the work from the outside to the inside of the body. The figures descending the staircase appear to enter the navel of the person being projected on. The staircase descends the naked chest. The work becomes a mirror, it inverses Duchamp's idea.

staircase descending a nude - documentation from live performance

01.04.2012 The Empire eats The Empire. Sauna Gallery, Hoxton, London, UK (art & food research project curated by Cedar Lewisohn).

The conflict of national against corporate identities is challenged by individual interventions dispersed through accidental actions.

5 - 13.11.2011 IMERGENCIA Lisboa, Portugal.

Festival of Performance, Intervention,Experimental Sound, Video Art. The event appears as a way of questioning the urgency of the medium, the singular performative act and tension between different territories: the artistic and experiential, everyday life and provocative, intimate and public, the poetic and the ethical.

as the crow flies 4'21 (HD Video) 2010 by mmmmm film (Luna Montenegro, Gines Olivares, Adrian Fisher) - selected for Video Performance of Latin American insurgency DEL CUERPO

Curator Silvio De Gracia (Argentina)

Videos based on exploiting the limits of the body that allude to violence and torture of a political body in Latin America.

8-13.09.2011 Cero Trazos (Public intervention & Installation). Plaza de Armas, Santiago Chile & Estacion
Mapocho. Comissioned by Feria de Arte Contemporaneo, ChACO'11.

‘Cero Trazos’ (Zero Traces) is an urban portrait, an installation, the result of a performatic and interactive process that collects a 'digital trace', the mould of a finger, from over 1000 individual passers-by in the centre of Santiago, Chile, on one day: 5th September, 2011. It is a cartographic sculpture, a map of the temporary community that daily inhabit 'Plaza de Armas' the central square of Santiago. 'Cero Trazos' was an event that used the public space for art, situating the public as the protagonist in a one to one performance. The work culminates in the form of a sculptural installation exhibited in The International Artist Hall of Chile Arte Contemporaneo, ChACO Art Fair 9th - 13 th September, 2011, Estacion Mapocho - a former train station designed by 'Eiffel'. The work can now be seen in Galeria AFA, Santiago, Chile.

‘Cero Trazos’ es un retrato urbano, una instalación, el resultado de un proceso performático e interactivo, que recoge un trazo digital de los transeúntes del centro de Santiago, es una escultura cartográfica, un mapa de la comunidad temporal que diariamente habita la Plaza de Armas.
‘Cero Trazos’ es un evento satélite que rescata el espacio público como un espacio para el arte, situando al transeúnte como protagonista.
La obra tomará la forma de una instalación escultórica que será exhibida en la Feria ChACO del 9 al 13 de Septiembre en Estación Mapocho.

moulding performance, Plaza de Armas, Santiago, Chile. Installation in Station Mapocho, Santiago, Chile. Plaza photo by Ricardo Toledo.

Asistentes para Cero Trazos:

Coordinador: Rodrigo Vargas

Estudiantes de Universidad de Chile y UNIACC:
Marcela Rodríguez, Fernanda Padilla, Federico Levi, Antonia Córdova, Valentina Sobarco, Claudia Ogalde, Fernanda Romero, Andrea Menares, Camilo Muñoz, Manuel Izarnótegui, Viviana Muñoz, Sofía Medina, Elizabeth Aravena, Fabianna Rodríguez, Catalina Miranda, Daniela Aravena, Fabiana Sierra, Yanina Molina, Francisca Carrasco, Gabriela Oliva, Pablo Sánchez, Soledad Barahona, Francisca Galaz, Natalia Ramirez, Cristián Tejo, Daniela Labra, Roery Herrera, Cristián Meza, Josefina Laugevin, María Eugenia Rojas, Macarena Irribarra, Carolina Díaz, MarÌa Gabriela Jara, Angeles Briones, Oscar Castro, Rodrigo Torres.

Fotógrafo: Ricardo Toledo

Asistentes de instalación: Goli Gaete, Sebastián Jatz, Cristián Fuentealba

Producción: Pablo Toro y equipo de producción ChACO.

Other press/documentation:

the clinic - reportage
HD video documentation of casting process in Plaza de Armas (external link to Vimeo) - Camarógrafo: Adrian Martínez, Editor: Andrés Urrutia
ChACO 2011 - Art Fair

29.04.11 L'after économie (video 16' & installation). Plankton Bar #40 Bondgenotenstraat 54 rue des Allies, 1190 Brussels - group show

Premiere of our new film made during the two month Bains Connective residency. The work process was called 'locating the mouth of the collective body' investigating ideas of time, community as a 'body' and the mouth as a point of entry into the community. We developed these ideas working with different age groups, exploring language/non-language possibilities, the mouth and its tracing in alginate, plaster and sound. This project was filmed in the Berlioz Senoirs Club, Vorst, and in Ixelles, Brussels. Made in collaboration with Gines Olivares. Thanks to Bains Connective, The Berlioz Seniors Club, school children ('les bad boys'), the community of Vorst and the Andwandter Family.

01.04.11 The Weight of Things / Il peso delle Cose HD Video 30mins + L'after economie I - live action (audio recoding of senoirs club with live casting of mouth). Lounge: Plankton Bar #39 Bondgenotenstraat 54 rue des AlliÈs, 1190 Brussels - group show

This time at GC Ten Weyngaert: with Adrian Fisher and Luna Montenegro, film in collaboration with Gines Olivares - mmmmm (film / action), Wendy Van Wynsberghe (installation/presentation), Liz Kueneke (lecture on participatory mapping), bolwerK (entr'act) and some jazz & more by Los Hermanos Brothers.
@Bondgenotenstr 54 rue des AlliÈs, Vorst/Forest

10.03.11 Sarma Salon #2: Time is on my side. Les Bains Connective (Bondgenotenstraat 54 rue des AlliÈs, 1190 Brussels)

How do artists work today? How do they speak about their method? How can one make a start with documenting, discussing and sharing the hybrid and heterogeneous practices that underpin the performing arts today? How can the informal and embodied discourses, as well as the implicit knowledge they carry, find a wider recognition and accessibility? A series of monthly salons, organized by Sarma in different locations in Brussels, create a live research environment for makers and researchers to address issues of new artistic practices and discourses.

Amongst the other artists presentations we showed a sound work in progress - 'time' by Adrian Fisher & Luna Montenegro. Invited artists of the Salon: Kobe Matthys, Marthe Van Dessel, Sarah Vanhee, Wendy van Wynsberghe. Concept: Lilia Mestre, Jeroen Peeters, Kristien Van den Brande. Production: Sarma. Coproduction: Bains Connective. With the support of WorkSpaceBrussels and Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie

26.08.10, 28.09.10 - 30.09.10 II Vienal Videoarte Valparaiso and various locations in Chile.

'Los Infantes del Castillo'. London, UK 2007. 16'15" (originated in DV). Adrian Fisher and Luna Montenegro in collaboration with Gines Olivares and Felipe Luck. 'as the crow flies' Anzio & Nettuno, Italy / London, UK 2010. 4'30 (originated in HD). Adrian Fisher and Luna Montenegro in collaboration with Gines Olivares.

26.08.10 - 'monuments to memory games' - solo show

Kotti Shop Gallery, Kottbusser Tor, Berlin, Germany.

Performance and Video Installations.

'monuments to memory games' is an exhibition that examines ideas of 'play' in relation to memory and history through installation, video and live performance. The process of play is central to mmmmm's work. Through play they are engaged with issues of what is performance? What is the spectacle in performance? What evokes memory? How can histories be reconstructed in the documentation of performance. How through engaging in play can the experience of memory and history be made more risky, more present.

collaboration with Gines Olivares and Felipe Luck.

30.07.10 The Weight of Things / Il peso delle Cose HD Video 30mins

La Divina Providencia, Nettuno, Italy.

This documentary/fiction film goes in pursuit of the collective body and considers ideas of nationhood, memory and archeology. The film was entirely made and produced during a one month residency at Rifrazioni Festival 2010. collaboration with Gines Olivares.

29.07.10 The Beauty of Bureaucracy / La Bellezza della Burocrazia - Live Art action (2hrs)

Borgo Medievale, Nettuno, Italy.

The collective body becomes apparent through the process of molding a trace of the body, casting it, re-animating it with new people, marking its presence in a new trace, a new action.

Live performance in which the plaster casts of people's fingers from the film 'el peso delle cosa' together with the fingers of the artists and organisers of the residency are moved by children freely around the old town of Nettuno making a white trace line across the floor.

05.07.10 - 01.08.10 Residency in Rifrazioni Festival, Anzio, Italy

11.06.10 le corps collectif II - Live art action (2hrs)

nuitdencre galerie 64. 64 rue jean pierre timbaud 75011 paris.

materials: Atta Cephalotes (toasted giant ants from Columbia), whisky, dvd - 'courtship ritual of the Lantern Fly' (1 min) by mmmmm, HD video camera, Digital photograph camera, chocolate baguette, dvd player, 24" television. Electric guitar, amplified speaker.

06.06.10 Le Jardin Des Delices - Live art action (1hr)

La Cité des Insectes - Chaud 87120 NEDDE, Limoges, France.

these are the exhibits of 'The garden of earthly delights', served in a glass cabinet, over a lightbox and a layer of plaster fingers cast from the possibility of revolution.

04.06.10 - 06.09.10 La possibilité de révolution - solo exhibition

La Cité des Insectes - Chaud 87120 NEDDE, Limoges, France.

Site-specific installation exploring the possibility of revolution.
The artists work under a 'Tree of Liberty' planted around 1789 as a symbol of the French Revolution, making a one to one encounter with the museum visitors and workers. They take a mould of a person's finger, a trace of an intimate moment with a stranger.

They use the former communal Village bread oven as an exhibition space, installing the plaster casts of people's fingers; organising them in clear structures, organic piles, groups and individual units.

The installation reflects on and proposes a challenge to the way in which museums are structured and present objects. There are three traditional museum display cabinets placed in the space, the plaster fingers are inside and outside of them; in the former oven, in a bird's nest in the stone wall. The installation contains different situations of the plaster cast fingers using some of the technical equipment of science and museums such as a light box, a slide carousel, an inspection lens.

01.06.10 L'envol du haneton (The take-off of the Cockchafer) (20 mins)

Live art action in Square Edouard VII 75009 Paris, France.

'Copulatory courtship and genital mechanics of three species of Macrodactylus' (Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Melolonthinae)' Author: William G. Eberharda

materials: 2 x boiled eggs, 2 x 2m square blue cotton, 12 x 1.5m willow sticks, amplified speaker, cassette tape player, 2 x strings of plastic pearls.

22.05.10 - 06.06.2010 Artists in Residence

La Cité des Insectes - Chaud 87120 NEDDE, Limoges, France.

animations produced from participants at two workshops during the residency.

23.04.10 Premiere of 'as the crow flies' (4 mins HD video) and performance with PNeuMatiKoS

La Société de Curiosités, 9 citÈ de trois bornes, 75011 Paris.

'as the crow flies' (4' HD video, 2010) - film made in collaboration with Gines Olivares.

PneuMatikos - Electroacoustic performance with Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro, Martin Bakero, Dan-Charles Dahan, Florencia Grisanti.

02.10.09 - 06.10.09 intermodality

CHaCO, Chile Contemporary Art Fair, Santiago, Chile.

video performance installation inside a container.

'the actual world is regarded as merely one among an infinite set of logically possible worlds, some "nearer" to the actual world and some more remote. A proposition is necessary if it is true in all possible worlds, and possible if it is true in at least one.' Leibniz possible worlds.

12.07.09 - 2.08.09 Residency in Rifrazioni Festival, Anzio, Italy

'The Festival, known as Rifrazioni, was born in 2006 as an international Summer Festival of Performance, Visual Arts and Music occurring every year in the historically relevant sites of Anzio and Nettuno. Both the towns overlook the sea of the southern coast of Lazio, 50 Km south of Rome.

Rifrazioni can be regarded as a contemporary art project, which recuperates the local archaeological heritage, re-defining its identity.
The Festival aims to diversify the cultural supply of the territory relying on interdisciplinarity and contamination between artistic languages and cultures; it endeavours to establish a free zone for the merging of disciplines, genres and codes.

Rifrazioni is a SITE-SPECIFIC Festival.
The works of art presented within the Festival are strongly informed by the territory that inspires and moulds them with its historical and socio-cultural specificity. Therefore Rifrazioni shifts into the territory elaborating and re-interpreting the local identity through the sight of the invited artists.' (Rifrazioni 09).

04.08.09 - Conference - ARTE E TERRITORIO

Forte Sangallo, Nettuno, Italy

In the review of the Rifrazioni Festival mmmmm presented a personal talk and viewpoint through photography of their work process and experiences during the residency.

02.08.09 Homo Gelato (3hrs)

Ex Divina Provvidenza - Nettuno, Italy

A performative/interactive celebratory bar concept in an Italian garden responding to the site. materials: bar installation, golden thread, apple, cube amplifier, microphone, wine, beer, water, candles.

01.08.09 L'Illusione Dell'Economia (22mins)

Porto Di Anzio - Molo Innocenziano, Anzio, Italy

In the ancient port of Anzio mmmmm examine the scale and materiality of the modern port. The local fishermen have to catch at least 70 large polystyrene palettes of fish to meet their basic wage. We carry 70 of these polystyrene palettes in two towers along the port before reconstructing them as a wall on a helicopter landing circle and then projecting live on the wall of boxes the revolving and evolving ritual.

31.07.09 non piú realtá (no more reality) (6mins)

Borgo Medievale di Nettuno – Piazza Colonna, Anzio, Italy

Film 6mins DVD PAL made during the rifrazioni residency examining local attitudes towards public space performances using canvas pig masks in collaboration between Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro and Ginés Olivares.

30.07.09 Cacchione On Canvas Dimension Variable (22mins)

Villa Imperiale di Nerone, Anzio, Italy

The local grape vine 'cacchione' is about to become extinct. mmmmm work to restore its presence in a ritual that examines the desexualised body and its relation to excess and mythology on the terrace of the former Villa of the Emperor Nero. mmmmm invited local sound artists to make the aural landscape.

18.06.09 PneuMatikos (40mins)

La Société de Curiosités, 9 citÈ de trois bornes, 75011 Paris.

multi-media performance exploring the inside and outside spaces of the society of curiosities with Martin Bakero and Dan-Charles Dahan as PneuMatikos.

17.06.09 inversion of a painting (18mins)

Galerie Deborah Zafman, 3-5 Passage des Granvilliers. 75003 Paris, France.

One of the paintings in the visual art show made by mmmmmm in the Gallery is explored in relation to the presence of the live artists in the Gallery space. The performance fuses time frames by rendering the memory of a previous performance in painting with a contemporary live action. The live artist is the inversion of the painting, the parts of her body exposed in the painting are covered in the live action with the same material; cigarette papers. Another artist eats and regurgitates a chocolate almond croissant finally dropping it from his mouth forming a new relic as it hits the floor.

11.06.09 - 20.06.09 Vacuuman

Galerie Deborah Zafman, 3-5 Passage des Granvilliers. 75003 Paris, France.

Visual art show from Luna Montenegro, Adrian Fisher and Martin Bakero exploring ideas of breath and the body on entering the vacuum. PneuMatiKos live performance on the opening night with quadraphonic sound in collaboration with Dan-Charles Dahan.

15.04.09 PneuMatiKos (30mins)

Casa Galería Taller del Colectivo Mapocho, General Mackenna 1038, Santiago, Chile.

In the heart of the Mapocho Pneumatikos explore the reflection of sound on a terrace overlooking the central City.

03.04.09 to 05.04.09 Obsidiana

Galeria AFA, Calle Phillips 16, Segundo Piso 16A, Plaza de Armas, Santiago, Chile.

We curated a show of 25 national and international artists in mediums of photography, sculpture, installation, painting, kinetic sculpture and performance. The Show explored ideas of communicating with other worlds through contemporary art and discourses. The title of the show refers to the Obsidian Mirror of John Dee who's 400 death anniversary was on the opening of the show. The Obsidian Mirror was used by the Aztecs to foresee the coming of magic and healing. It was then taken by the colonisers, led by Hernán Cortés, before being passed to Jon Dee. It is now installed in The British Museum, London, UK. Preliminary documentation at:

27.03.09 'borgoña sobre tela, dimensiones variables' (19mins)

Ex-Carcel, Valparaiso, Chile.

We worked with chinchineros and an organillero in the creation of this work that fused chilean street folklore with questions of the role of performance art in the context of an ex-prison, sound was made by Lukax Santana. The Event was organised with the participation of Aaron Mullan (playing solo), Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelly, Jeremy Lemos and Matt Zivich who made a live sound track for the documentary film of the last functioning year of the prison which was projected on the wall of the old prison, directed by Cristóbal Vicente. preliminary documentation available at Flor.O blog:

18.03.09 - 31.03.09 Kaisiya (Selk’nam VII) DVD black & white (5mins 46secs)

VIDEOPLAY 09 - Argentina, 'Electronic and Sensitive', curated by Silvio De Gracia, On VisualContainerTV - . VisualContainer P.O. Box 10631 20110
Milan Italy.
Produced in collaboration with Gines Olivares and Felipe Luck.

04.03.09 La Furor (20mins)

Feminarios at El Clan, Bombero nuñez 363, Bella Vista, Santiago, Chile.

The relationship is tested through the limits of excess. An equality is painted between the bodies through the mouth. The performance was made for 'Cóctel de Femme II' curated by Lissette Olivares, dedicamos este ciclo a recordar y revitalizar la mujer en sus multiples emanaciones Feminarios.

15.01.09 Aurora (25mins)

London Art Fair, Art Projects Space, with '3D Galleria' (Piazzale Candiani 31, Venice, Italy) Jan.14th to 18th, 2009. Business Design Centre, London N1.

Aurora was inspired by the illuminated 15th centuary alchemical manuscript: 'Aurora Consurgens'. A man attempts to suck milk from a woman's breast. There is no milk. The possibility of feeding, of nourishment is stopped. The continuity of life becomes a still point, a still life. It represents the end of capitalism, the end of the flows of money (liquidity). The man is left sucking, attempting to continue the actions that brought the flow of capital, but the breasts are empty. The action remains as a ritual, a meditation on what is missing. We also showed a new framed photographic work made in collaboration with photographer Ignacio Acosta.

2nd to 28th Dec 08 Rok (dvd 3 mins 10 secs, nov 07) in BAC! FESTIVAL , FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL D'ART CONTEMPORANI A BARCELONA IX EDICIO, Centre De Cultura Contemporanea De Barcelona (CCCB), Montalegre 5, 08001 Barcelona, Spain.

She is the voice of commodity, she explodes with currency, her anger is the disaffection with the economic war machine, she is released in a bird like form, a myth in which to escape the circle of economic exchange value. Produced in collaboration with Gines Olivares and Felipe Luck.

2nd to 28th Dec 08 Rok (dvd 3 mins 10 secs, nov 07) in Galeria AFA, Providencia, Santiago, Chile. (see description above)

12, 13, 14, 15.11.08 Kaisiya (Selk’nam VII) DVD black & white (5mins 46secs)

PLAY V man in transit, International Video & Performance Festival, Junín, Pergamino, Argentina.

Produced in collaboration with Gines Olivares and Felipe Luck.

29, 30, 31.08.08 Kaisiya (Selk’nam VII) DVD black & white (5mins 46secs)

Videoplay 08, Centro Cultural Oi Futuro, Río de Janeiro, BRASIL

In a corner of a room an elephant turns on a metaphorical 'wheel of consumption'. A man eats a battered fish (commonly found all over the UK in 'fish and chip' shops). A woman wearing a mask  made out of newspaper and potato chips appears to scream silently.

Kaisiya is inspired by Anne Chapman’s interviews with Lola Kiepja, the last surviving female shaman of the Selk'nam people in Tierra del Fuego.  In the original ritual the shaman would chant for three or four days to bring food in the form of a dead whale to the beach.  This allowed the main ritual of The Hain to commence. Produced in collaboration with Gines Olivares and Felipe Luck.

17.08.08 Libre (15mins)

The White Bear Theatre, 138 Kennington Park Road, London.

'Libre' considers the relations between language, technology and geopolitical boundaries. Libre is the taxi sign in Chile that shows when a taxi is free. Libre is explored through graphic images, dead languages, a cassette tape player machine, guitar, and the body.

14.03.08 Entremedio

Galeria AFA, Bucacrest 196, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

Adrian Fisher and Luna Montenegro curated a show in the Galeria AFA developing the idea of the space 'inbetween'. The show of over twenty artists examined mediums of sound art, performance art, installation, video and photography. The work was installed with the intention of revealing the inbetween, exposing its borders, defining the cross-overs.

14.03.08 Hypothesis of Purification III (23mins)

Galeria AFA, Bucacrest 196, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

Bodily fluids are exchanged and sculptured between the two artists. The inside cavity of the mouth is cast and the tongue of language is stuck on the window. We are surrounded by speculation and the red flashing lights of construction cranes. The corn has its root in the soil, the most common indigenous food of South America.

16.02.08 lectura de poesia

Universidad Mayor Café Literario de la 'Feria del Libro Usado', Universidad Mayor, Santiago, Chile.

Poetry reading in collaboration with Foro de Escritores, Chile.

12.12.07 Pneumatikos (30mins)

Maison de la Poésie, Passage Molière, 157, rue Saint Martin, Paris

Collaboration between mmmmm and Martin Bakero with Sandra Nicolle, on the occassion of the launch of Martin Bakero's book "Viceversa" in the vaults below the home of the French writer Molière.

08.11.07 Pneumatikos (20mins)

la Galerie les Singuliers, 138 Boulevard Haussman, Paris

Collaboration between mmmmm and Martin Bakero with Aurelia Balcells, on the occassion of the opening show of Mario Murua "Astrocanibal totaL". 'hojas', leaves are rising and falling, Urizen is waiting, pneumatik sounds spin with slippage, freestyle, free play, foreplay, intervention and dissemination.

04.10.07 The re-enchantment of identity and community (17mins)

25 Camberwell Church Street, London.

Cultural evapourations, the singer is gagged by language, the mystery of a satin blue bag, points for the economy, the canoes are close by, the sewing is nearly complete.

23.09.07 'a brief history of elephant' (20mins)

Pullens Centre, Elephant and Castle, London.

The name 'Elephant and Castle' probably derives from the emblem on the Cutlers' Company, a guild founded in the 13th century to represent workers who made knives, scissors and surgical instruments. The handles of these instruments often used Indian elephant ivory, hence the 'Elephant' image. The 'Castle' represents the 'howdah' a seat placed on the back of the elephant traditionally used by the hunters.

In 1641, a constant stream of horse-drawn vehicles led to a blacksmith, John Flaxman, setting up a forge on an island site between the main roads. Around 1760, the metal workers premises became an 'inn' and was renamed the 'Elephant and Castle.'

11.08.07 'something unaccountable escaping' (2hrs)

I Love Peckham 07, Festival of Arts, London.

Strangers are invited to paint their lips and kiss each other, then make a print of their lips in a book; 'The Book of Kisses'. Social preconceptions dissolve, power structures crumble, bringing the lips in contact with another being is a powerful social and sacred action.

16.06.07 'Shredding Rights' (2hrs)

Camberwell Festival of Arts, London.

Action in relation to 'The March of The Human Rights Jukebox' created by Isa Suarez. The route of the March was from Camberwell Green to Peckham Library. The live event was funded by Arts Council England and Camberwell Arts Festival.

18.05.07'Hypothesis of Purification and Exchange Part II' (22mins)

OBLIK 5 rue Trouillet 92110 Clichy, Paris, France. 10 years 0f OBLIK'

Water drips from the roof, bouncing and vibrating on the wooden table that squeals through a contact microphone. Flows, blockages, elation.

18.05.07 Pneumatikos (30mins)

OBLIK 5 rue Trouillet 92110 Clichy, Paris, France. 10 years 0f OBLIK'. Sound poetry dispersed across the wave organised by Martin Bakero, Marko Echeverria and others.

11.05.07 'Hypothesis of Purification and Exchange Part I' (18mins)

The Horse Shoe, 24 Clerkenwell Close, London, EC1R, UK.

The mouth of fire, to pour a gush, to offer in sacrifice. This work examines the relation between the two artists and the audience through making the body apparent beyond language and physicality. It was performed for an Event entitled; 'To a Friend whose work has come to nothing' curated by Natsuki Uruma.

24.03.07 Poetry Action with FDE in the Valparaiso house of Pablo Neruda. Centro Cultural La Sebastiana, Ferrari 692 (Avda. Alemania alt. 6900), Valparaiso, Chile.

22.03.07 Transantiago London Bus. Bar Los Vikingos, Pedro de Valdivia 3580, Santiago, Chile (20mins)

22.03.07 OSH (DVD) 18 mins. ArTeK - Corporación Cultural, arte & tecnología, Aguas Claras 1473 - Piso 1 Sur, Edificio La Quintrala, La Reina, Santiago - Chile

10.03.07 Gift (DVD) in Catorce/Quince FDE Book Launch containing poems by FDE writers including Luna Montenegro. Bar Rapa Nui, JM Infante Esq. Los Jesuitas, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

03.12.06 'Xalpen' (from The Selk'nam rituals, Tierra del Fuego) (23mins)

The Brick House, Old Trumans Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London, UK.

A live art action by mmmmm commissioned by The Naked Punch Collective, on the occasion of the launch of issue 8 of 'Naked Punch', a stimulating and provocative journal covering Contemporary Art and thought.

23.10.06 to 4.11.06 - 'Primera Bienal de Performance DEFORMES' - The First Latin-American Performance Biennale, Santiago, Chile. We are showing three DVD works in the Bienal; OSH (18 mins) made in a former power station in Berlin based upon a Selk'nam fertility ritual, 'a true likeness of...' (12 mins) unedited recording of a live work made in the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, and 'Gift' (8 mins) edited recording of a live work made in a former bread factory in Germany.

28.09.06 to 3.10.06 - Performance at KULE Auguststrasse 10, Berlin-Mitte, Interventions in Public Spaces in Berlin, Germany.

2.10.06 - 'chola' - a mmmmm film working with filmaker Gines Olivares in a former basement Jewish Bakery, Berlin. (3mins)

23.09.06 - 'Working the Docks' - Maritime Sheppey 2006, Blue Town, Isle of Sheppy, Kent, England. (30mins)

16.09.06 - 'Independents Biennial Liverpool 2006 (17mins) performance action in Museum MAN, 25 Parliament Street, Liverpool, curated by Adam Nankervis.

16.09.06 - Independents Biennial Liverpool 2006 performance actions and interventions in public spaces of Liverpool City Centre.

14.09.06 - mmmmm action in UK digital media conference technologies research project. Imperial College London. (40mins)

25.08.06 - 26.08.06 21:00 InterActions Project 2006 ARKA SPACE

via Tevere, 47 Assemini- Cagliari Sardinia - Italy (director: Massimo Zanasi) The London Biennale On Video. Videos by Arvinder Bawa Including 'The Tiger' and 'Echo and Narcisus' mmmmm art actions.

17.08.06 Performance Poetry Adrian Fisher and Luna Montenegro

Coningsby Gallery organised by Jon Gershon, 30 Tottenham Street, London W1T 4RJ

01.07.06 - 15.07.06 Video Documentation Projection of 'The Tiger' and 'Echo and Narcisus'

Stu dio Ra* contemporary art - Via Bartolomeo Platina,1 F - 00179 Roma, Italia. DVD Projections of two mmmmm Live Art Actions filmed by Arvinder Bawa, 'The Tiger' and 'echo and narcissus' for The London Biennale 2004.

01.07.06 'The space of the very act of naming?' (22mins)

Saw Mill, Area 10, Eagles Wharf, Peckham, London. Camberwell Arts Week, 10 x 10 event curated by Marko Stepanov.

Materials: woven bag from Castro Market, Chiloe, wool from island in Chiloe woven into mask, white flowers Stoke Newington, water from Peckham, Extended light, switchable light, portable amplifier, microphone.

01.06.06 'enceinte' (24mins)

Bibliothèca National de France, Site François Mitterrand, Quai François Mauriac, 75013 Paris, France. Collaboration with Martin Bakero.

Materials: sunglasses, battery powered portable amplified speaker, P.A. system speakers on heavy-duty trolleys, dark green netting, radio microphones, Japanese scaffold climbing boots.

Collaboration with sound poet Martin Bakero in the National Library of France for 'Le Marché de la Poésie' et sa Périphérie I'. 'enciente' has different meanings in the french language - 'pregnant' 'loud speaker'.

01.10.05 'engage the enemy more closely' (30mins)

SeaSheppey 2005 Maritime Festival, Blue Town, Isle of Sheppy, Kent, England.

Materials: postcards of Nelson, inflatable globe, flags for communication at sea, 'The Loss of a Hero (1805), The Fall of Nelson (english folk song), Signals flown at Trafalgar, cardboard box, mobile amplification system.

22.09.05 'Dog Save The Queen' (22mins)

The Klinker, The Ivy House Pub, 40 Stuart Road, Nunhead SE15 3BE. Curated by Hugh Metcalfe.

Materials: wire dog mask, potatoes, pre-rolled cigarette, 'Y' front underwear, Electric guitar, upright piano, tea bags, The German Shepherd (book) by John Gordon, white Victorian night dress, Electrolux Turbo 2 Super upright vacuum-cleaner, sure sm58 microphone.

Purcell's fairest Isle is sung in a dog mask, the Glossary of Terms from a book on the German Shepherd is read from the letter 's'. A vacuum cleaner sonically collides with an electric guitar as it spins. Tea bags are pulled from the bust and digestives served. a cigarette is taken from the underpants and lit.

10.09.05 '... a true likeness of...' (21mins)

The Institute of Contemporary Art, ICA, London for 'Anywhere in the World, David Medalla's London' 6 - 11th September, 2005 curated by Guy Brett.

Materials: Fellowes P50CM paper shredder and basket, super bright LED battery light, 'The World Map', contact microphone, electronic keyboard, mini 'cosm' modelling combination amplifier, radio microphone, dark green Parker style coat, black evening tail jacket.

the phallus of the world is removed from the deity and shredded over the body. A transformation and reconfiguration of identity, signification and personal security.

28.08.05 evidence of a painting (30mins)

Bristol City Centre, Street Serenade Festival.

Materials: 3 x white polypropylene all-in-one suits, 20m blue satin, inflatable globe, 30m pink satin, black cotton all-in-one suit.

investigators searched the public space in Bristol City Centre for traces of a fictitious painting moving between Neptune and the falling steps to the harbour.

06.08.05 'inflating the geopolitical boundaries' (17mins)

Longshore Drift on Brighton Beach organised by Katie Sollohub

Materials: beach, sea, wind, breath, black full length zip-up suits, small cubic world representation, umbrella made to look like a satelite, 20m skyblue satin, mini marshall amplifier, radio microphone.

this action sought to work across different performative models involving live art, corporal mime and physical theatre. It was researched in the public space outside the Tate Modern in central London during July 2005.

17.07.05 16 mm (18mins)

Kilburn Festival, Tricycle Cinema, London for 'Your Voice' curated by Regine Elliot.

Materials: 16mm film spool with film and case (found in skip outside UCL, 1999), radio microphone, mini 'cosm' modelling combination amplifier, halogen light, dinner shirt, cocktail dress, high heeled shoes.

A halogen light strokes the artist beginning with her pointed heels, rising to her high cut dress, casting shadows that flicker the crystal on the screen. She uses a microphone as a stylus tracing a 16 mm film spool instead of an LP.

17.07.05 '100m pink satin' (2hrs)

Kilburn Festival, Kilburn Park, London for 'Your Voice' curated by Regine Elliot.

Materials: 100m pink satin fabric

A border line of bright pink is continually re-sketched across the Kilburn Festival with help from the Your Voice workshop directed by mmmmm.

16.05.05 Concreto Tropicalismo Genital (part III) (19mins)

The Klinker, The Ivy House Pub, 40 Stuart Road, Nunhead SE15 3BE. Curated by Hugh Metcalfe.

Materials: 22m gold fabric, offcuts gold fabric, papier-mâché, adapted cardboard box, long silver ball neckless, boots, one clothes peg, Coat Tail jacket, Upright piano, guitar lead, Korg FX unit, Berhringer stereo monitors, PA System, Piano, sea salt, 2 x lizards, clip spot torch, Krypton bulb spot torch.

On the edge of Bach, sniffing, unwrapping, peeping, shaking, panting, rubbing, scratching, breathing, woof, chica, chica.

21.05.05 Choritos (20mins)

Cecil Sharp House, Regent's Park Road, Camden, London NW1. At 'May Fete with a Twist' event curated by Sarah Shorten and Alison Trower.

Mussels gathered at Borough Market underground station, canned mussels imported from Tierra del Fuego, Chile. 'In darkness let me dwell' (c.1605) written by John Dowland English folk song writer, sung live by Olivia Chaney. (materials: mussels (UK), canned mussels (Chile), willow basket, A1 paper, portable electric combination amplifier, microphone, Grand Piano, PA System, green netting, paint, underpants, bra, white dress).

Acknowledgements: The Kawéskar indigenous people of western Tierra del Fuego, Chile.

01.05.05 The Enraged Musician Part I, The Enraged Musician Part II, Inhabitants of the moon, or Royalty, Episcopacy and Law Part III (total 50mins)

Hogarth House, Hogarth Lane, Chiswick, West London W4 2QN. At the opening of the Art show "Insula Ovinium" organised by Nicole Mollett.

Inspired by Hogarth's print 'The Enraged Musician' Part I, A wild experimental sound group invade the main A4 road outside Hogarth's house. The audience watch another audience, one that is passing, driving in cars and lorries. The band invades the road, it responds to the car sounds and changing enviroment of the highway. (materials: Laney combination amplifier, Electric guitar, audio-technica microphone, Korg fx unit, one hundred small bells, 3 x bird whistles, satin, netting, cotton, plastic flowers.)

Part II, Inside Hogarth's front room, people are blindfolded and an old English folk song is sung acoustically moving through the room, an ambient experience develops as the whole house becomes animated, shaking and reverberating. (materials: 30 x purple satin blindfolds, silver bowl, 2 x bird whistles, bells)

Part III 'Inhabitants of the moon, or Royalty, Episcopacy and Law' - in the garden a military man is wrapped by four women in 40 metres of pink and blue satin as he cleans his teeth and ignites 5 rocket fireworks. (20m pink satin, 20m blue satin, plastic flowers, flour, adapted military jacket, metal dog mask, silver box, 5 x rocket type fireworks, lighter.)

01.04.05 socrates dog (17mins)

The Klinker, The Sussex Pub, 107 Culford Road, London. Event Organised by Hugh Metcalfe and Foro de Escritores de Chile.

A wild calling for Socrates Dog, a trance is created through words and breath, a microphone is used to record the body like a stylus, the body becomes naked as it becomes more dog until the wire mask is grabbed from the keeper's bag and there is a joint chorus of estacy. (materials: wire dog mask, mini marshall amplifier, large marshall amplifier, radio mic, cabled mic, digital delay, rucksac.)

28.03.05 organic machine poetry (17mins)

Pembroke Studios, Pembroke Gardens, Earls Court, London. Event Organised by Foro de Escritores de Chile and Francesco Cincotta.

magnolia petals are used as pages for poems which are held in the mouth and ejaculated in the reading space. The poets crawl on all fours reading the random arrangements of the fallen petals. (materials: magnolia petals, marker pens, portable small electric keyboard, red coats.)

23.03.05 goats milk is a healthy and nutritious alternative (15mins)

Studio 40/42, Kingsgate Workshops Trust, 110-116 Kingsgate Road, West Hampstead, London. Event organised by Regine Elliot and Marisol Cavia, evening of performance and poetry at 'Hidden Voices' show.

A point of reflection and meditation, a reconsideration of the symbolic logic of the gendered body. (materials: 50 neck ties, carton of goatsmilk, white cream paint, washing up bowl, stereo amplified speakers, microphone, 3 red work coats.)

29.01.05 mmmmm participation in Pneumatikos (25mins)

gallery Zombra, 7 Rue Crussol 75011, Oberkampf, Paris, France. Event organised by Martin Bakero.

sound body experiments - digital, plugged, un....., flurrry weather, Socrates dog is speaking, electric guitar and crispy biscuits. A night of air exploring improvised sound poetry and bodily reactions, interventions.

27.11.04 agua-lengua (15mins)

Nicaragua Solidarity - a charity event supporting an education and sanitation project, Red Rose, 129 Holloway Road, London, UK

Politics and poetics of the body, naked bodies in militia hats explore The Tongue as a power for transformation, a ritualistic proto-organ that emerges, extends and falls. Accompanied by Pedro del Canto.

06.10.04 fucking hardware (12mins)

Curwen Gallery, 4 Windmill Street, London, UK, 'Here - and Beyond' Show, event organized by Jill Rock.

The organic combines with the inorganic in a spectacle of electronic aspiration and physical sensuality. A ritual is constructed in which a man holding a computer above his head is lubricated by a woman who becomes a bride. From the inside of the computer box they explore belief systems on the origin of life and desire. The ritual finishes in an experiment testing the resilience of computer hardware to the organic. Will the computer function with freshly cracked egg on its motherboard ?

17.09.04 chorizo (25mins)

Liverpool Biennial 2004, Liverpool, UK, in 'Museum MAN' event organized by Adam Nankervis.

chorizo: a friend, or almost a mussel, almost a vagina, almost a professional robber. Derived from the prison slang of Valparaiso, Chile. Under the street corner sodium light mmmmm lick and stick cigarette rolling papers over their bodies, with participation from audience. The bodies are covered in what seem to be butterflies. Adrian Fisher+Luna Montenegro licking on the potentially flammable, peeling away like angels in a tempest' (Review by Adam Nankervis, Performance Artist.)

20.08.04  The Tiger  (20mins)

The Foundry, 84-86 Gt Eastern Street, Old Street, London, UK. Event organised by Marisol Cavia for the opening of  'Eros Arrows', part of The London Biennale 2004

'Please be calm, It's a real Tiger' (from Nicolas Guillen, Poet, Cuba, 'The Great Zoo' 1967). In a former bank, mmmmm used their mouths to cast their tongues, placing them on a gold record, spinning them on a record deck, turned by a finger, making sound from an amplifier between Luna Montenegro's legs at variable speeds.

14.08.04  Art of War (16mins)

Rockhouse Gallery, Isle of Sheppey, UK. "Insula Ovinium" - Art & Performance event organized by Nicole Mollett

Review by David Medalla, Performance artist.

mmmmm (consisting of Chilean poet Luna Montenegro and English artist Adrian Fisher) performed a dramatic piece entitled "Art of War" on the grass-grown ampitheatre in front of the Rockhouse a couple of metres from the sea. Adrian, dressed in the military uniform of a tin-pot dictator, heavily laden with spurious medals, strutted in exaggerated goose-steps, with one hand up raised in the Heil Hitler salute, around the statuesque figure of Luna wrapped entirely, at the start of the performance, in a silken chatreuse-red cloth. Gradually Adrian (the Dictator) unravelled the cloth, on which he laid supine facing the figure of Luna dressed in a bright green see-through netting dress, surmounted by a green structure on her head. Luna, like a goddess of the jungle, gradually advanced towards the figure of the dictator, and (to the surprise of the spectators who watched the performance in silence) Luna pissed on the chest of the supine Dictator. "I grew up in Chile at the time of the dictator Pinochet," said Luna Montenegro afterwards, "and I will piss any time on any dictator anywhere".

13.08.04 echo and narcissus (20mins)

Brompton Cemetery. Old Brompton Road, London, UK. "All for Love" event organized by Jill Rock, as part of The London Biennale 2004

'here' 'h......ere' 'come' 'cum' 'why are you avoiding me ?' '...... are you avoiding me ?'

10.08.04 diplomacy - wine on canvas 0.3m x 0.3m (18mins)

Embassy of Brazil, 32 Green Street, Mayfair, London, UK. 'draw_drawing' show organised by Giacomo Pica, part of The London Biennale 2004

In the heart of Mayfair mmmmm practice diplomacy through wine. Inspired by Jacques Lacan's 'A triumph of the gaze over the eye.' (From 'The Line and Light' in'The Fundamental Concepts of Psycho-analysis', first published in GB in 1977.)

13.02.04 Tom Jones (40mins)

Pan de Azucar, 3rd Region, Chile

Along the coast of Chile are small fishing villages. In Caleta Pan de Azucar the fishermen are mainly divers collecting sea urchins. We made a performance inspired by the mythology of the fishermen and their relation to the indigenous coastal people 'Changos' from 6000 years ago.

17.01.04 'El beso de la lagartija' (6hrs)

Plaza El Descanso to the Ex-Cárcel (Ex-Prison), Valparaiso, Chile.

Working for 6 weeks in the colonial old prison of Valparaiso mmmmm worked with local artists to make a contemporary kiss of the lizard. A climb through the ruins of Pompey with poems and music and dance, a tango, a lizard, bird whistles in the darkness, fairy lights and rock guitar, a squeaky kiss, pepper trees, and more...........

3.12.04 to 21.01.04 X-Carcel Investigaciones (2hrs)

Ex-Prison, Valparaiso, Chile

We made a 6 week residency in the former Spanish colonial prison of Valparaiso. The prison was closed 4 years ago. During our time in the prison we made several digital works and a public live experiment work on 3rd January, 2004.

18.09.03 'Wankoska - low tide of dawn' (Selk'nam III) (20mins)

Kiron Espace, 10 rue de la Vacquerie, Paris 75011, France (as part of '..en homage a l'ex-President du Chilli, M. Salvador Allende')

To mark 30 years since the death of Salvador Allende a Selk'nam Shoort tests the genitals of a Kloketen, the Kloketen then cleans his mouth with a Chilean coloured toothbrush, they shout 'xas'.

04.09.03 'Still Life' (18mins)

Umspannwerk, Paul-Linke Ufer 20-21, Kreuzberg, Berlin (as part of the Changing Channels London Biennale Pollination)

Down through the glass roof and illuminated by candles two lives roll on frames pushed by a female projector. The camera is naked behind the eyepiece with a mobile phone strapped to the penis that vibrates when the still lives cross frames. At basement level they compose and flash.

23.08.03 'Osh' (Selk'nam II) (22mins)

Umspannwerk, Paul-Linke Ufer 20-21, Kreuzberg, Berlin (as part of the Changing Channels London Biennale Pollination)

The phallic ritual of 'Osh' from the Selk'nam people starts with two bodies on a tandem bicycle. A 15 tonne crane carries the objects between the two people. The crane becomes the phallus and explodes its fragility in the sterilization and then fertilization of a Chilli pepper.

22.08.03 'Gift' (25mins)

Backfabrik, Saarbrucker Str. 36, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. (as part of the Changing Channels London Biennale Pollination) a former baking factory courtyard becomes a poetic phallus in the gold wrapping of three Turkish bread faced and ashes covered naked people whose mask slowly decomposes under a waterfall, golden beads are pulled from their mouths and the libertines drive off in cars.

20.07.03 'Why does desire desire its own repression..?' (1hr) (Deleuze & Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus)

between The Southbank and Trafalgar Square, London. the public space is redefined in a 3 hour live art action with 30 metres of light blue satin, 8 insulation pipe tubes and a mini dv camera.

11.12.02 mmmmm clear spot (1.5hrs)

one and a half hours in the landscape of mmmmm on resonance fm 104.4 and

28.09.02 Concreto Tropicalismo Genital II (20mins)

for East End Collaborations, Queen Marys College, London, Live performance with installation.

16.08.02 Hop Ke Kep (Selk'nam I) (18mins)

in The London Biennale, 291 Gallery, London. A former church becomes the venue for an initiation ritual derived from the Hain ceremony devised by the Hunter Gathering culture recently made extinct in Tierra del Fuego, Southern Chile.

21.06.02 to 28.09.02 bobs cabaret

The Old Whitten Timber Yard a series of regular Thursday night all night happenings inside 'Area 10' mmmmm in collaboration with Jack Pixley. mmmmm solo pieces included: 'hair cut suck' 'dog' 'dissection by filament'. Area 10 is an artist led initiative.

18.11.2001 1930's Sonic Party (30mins)

LMC Studios, London live performance with internet web broadcast

29.06.2001 Squirrel (23mins)

Beaconsfield Art Gallery for 'Club' London
live performance Installation

January 2001 'pick up' (40mins)

Santiago, Chile
(collaboration with Isabel Croxato dance Group)
digital video

13.12.00-20.01.00 Concreto Tropicalismo Genital (20mins)

Belo.Horizonte, Brazil. Rebel Ikons,
Palacio das Artes
Installation and performance

05.10.2000 Buch der KṺsse (2hrs)

Vienna, Austria
interactive performance

24.09.2000 Fish and Chips (23mins)

UNESCO, Cimelice Castle, Czech Rep.

19.09.2000 Gold Record (22mins)

NOD, Prague, Czech Rep. Prague in Action Festival

19.08.2000 to 30.08.2000 dsm

London, England ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art
dsm, collective dweller
vaquero, performance
electro, performance
genital speakers, performance
plug in, video
inflatable sound pool, installation

19.07.2000 Juicy (18mins)

Loughborough Hotel, London, England. Artery Event, Organized by Monica Miranda.
, performance

19.04.2000 Why Not Eat Insects? (50mins)

Teatro della Pergola, Florence, Italy.
Performance with Progetto Tutti

28.03.2000 Camouflage (1hr)

Diogenes, Soho, London, England.

02.02.2000 El Libro de los Besos (2hrs)

Plaza de Armas, Santiago, Chile
interactive performance

28.01.2000 territorio de higos (25mins)

Plaza de Armas, Santiago, Chile

23.01.2000 sandia y caballos (17mins)

Parque Forestal, Santiago, Chile

19.01.2000 to 30.01.2000 Encuentro de Pueblos Indigenas Santiago, Chile

15.01.2000 pescados amarillos (20mins)

MAC, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC)

19.01.2000 salta pescado (15mins)

performance, MAC

21.01.2000 pescados llama (16mins)

performance, Cerro Huelen