26.08.00 "electro" in "dsm" at Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK

collaborators Pictures from video by Ella Raidel, Adrian Fisher, Cristian Jimenez and Luna Montenegro

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Our installation and interventions inside the dsm residency explored radio feedback technology as an interface between the body in action and micro analogue sound generation.

sound produced inside the space was fed to a website where visitors could alter the sound and feed it back into the space.

dsm (NY/UK/Vienna) Press Release dsm
The ICA's Theatre will be transformed, over the course of 10 days, into an open platform for live, audiovisual experiments and multi-sensory performances, created within the structures and environments called UNIT 4.

UNIT 4 involves 10 contemporary artists, working in sound art. The residency will evolve as a production site, providing room for interventions by an assortment of guests and visitors, encouraging collaboration and exchange." (Press Release dsm)