A point of reflection and meditation, a reconsideration of the symbolic logic of the gendered body. (materials: 50 neck ties, carton of goatsmilk, white cream paint, washing up bowl, stereo amplified speakers, microphone, 3 red work coats.)

'goatsmilk is a healthy and nutritious alternative' 23.03.05 Studio 40/4, West Hampstead, London. live art event organized by Regine Elliot and Marisol Cavia in their show titled 'Hidden Voices.' Live sound by Olivia Chaney. Digital photos from digital video by Jecca Chaney. collaborators

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Studio 40/42, Kingsgate Workshops Trust, 110-116 Kingsgate Road, West Hampstead, London. Event organised by Regine Elliot and Marisol Cavia, evening of performance and poetry at 'Hidden Voices' show. Luna Montenegro (Chile) - Performer, Adrian Fisher - Performer (uk), Olivia Chaney - Live Sound /Performer (uk). Digital video - Jecca Chaney (uk). Thanks to Regine and Marisol and everyone that took part in the event.