02.10.09 - 06.10.09 intermodality

ChACO, Chile Arte Contemporáneo, Chile Contemporary Art Fair, Santiago, Chile.


intermodality (contension)
installation by mmmmm Adrian Fisher & Luna Montenegro
ChACO , Chile Contemporary Art Fair, Santiago, Chile 02 October - 06 October, 2009.

The consideration is of the absence of the body, the space left between the relics of previous performances and the present, a looped video of the continuous mounting and dismounting.

The work is installed inside an industrial container, product of the industrial revolution. It is utilitarian, designed as a metal oblong box to transport objects throughout the worlds ports and cities, sometimes ending up in fields.
In the container are a few pictures and paintings hung or placed around the walls using the original bits of tape or pieces of wire that were left from previous cargos.
At the far end of the container a video screen shows two people installing and uninstalling the visual objects that are around the spectators, at 3 times normal speed.
The people installing the work are the artists. They install and take down their own works whilst connected to the container through packing ribbon and elastic straps.
The artists become the shipment of the transport, putting up and taking down their own work in a ritual that continues the making of the works they are hanging and dismantling.
In a moment they are joined, they are contained, then they unhook each other in order to install the art works. A new performance is created from the relics of previous performances.
The lines attaching the artists to the container appear as marks across the 3 dimensional space. A geometry defining the space and the artists. The lines contain the field, the extent of the artists. The live art work is packed in a space constructed for carrying the inanimate.

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