aurora 3'24" HDV 2009. UK short extract 27"





fatal when they touch

the humming loom of time

multispecies offline

love in the time of gentrification

some recollections of mortality

l'after economie

the weight of things

as the crow flies


Los Infantes del Castillo




aurora 3'23" HDV 2009. London, UK
Short Film, 3 mins 23 secs
P: mmmmmfilms
D: Montenegro, Fisher, Olivares. London, UK

Made in relation to the 'Aurora consurgens' an illuminated manuscript from the 15th century, now held in the Zurich Zentralbibliothek (MS. Rhenoviensis 172). According to J. Gary Sparks it contains a medieval alchemical treatise allegedly attributed to Thomas Aquinas. Carl Jung explored the idea that the traditional practice of alchemy was best understood symbolically, as an attempt to express unconscious psychic contents through their projection onto matter. Marie-Louise Von Franz suggested that the author experienced a breakthrough of the unconscious while in an ecstatic state shortly before his death. Thomas Aquinas died in a trance soon after expounding the Song of Songs.

Appearances: Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro
Camera: Gines Olivares
Editing: Gines Olivares, Adrian Fisher
Sound: Adrian Fisher