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Gift 8' DV 2003. Germany. WARNING MATURE CONTENT

Gift 8' DV 2003. Berlin, Germany. WARNING MATURE CONTENT
Live performance Film, 8 mins
P: mmmmmfilms
D: Montenegro, Fisher, Olivares. Berlin, Germany.

Gift is an 8' edit from a live performance by mmmmm, 25' filmed in a former bread factory of Berlin. Inspired by Heidegger's writings on the Jug - In the gift of the outpouring dwells the singlefoldness of the four, and by the Turkish community in Berlin. It was made on the occassion of the Vernisage of the Changing Channels London Biennale Polinations Show in Backfabrik, Berlin on 22.08.03.

Appearances: Alejandra del Río, Luna Montenegro,
Ginés Olivares, Felipe Luck, Adrian Fisher, Yelka Wehmeier, Marika Holtz.

Camera: Gines Olivares
Editing: Adrian Fisher
Sound: Adrian Fisher

Thanks to: Steffano Lochner and Sebastian Mucke,
David Medella, Adam Nankervis, Changing Channels
London Biennale Polinations.