some recollections of mortality 8' HDV 2012 UK.

Screening Dates:

14th July, 2017 - Beton 7 Contemporary Art Centre, Athens, Greece.

16th May, 2013 - POETRY 2013 (Best of ZEBRA screening) - Town Hall Münster, Germany.

25th of April, 2013 - 19.00 - 5th edition of SHORT WAVES. Polish Short Film Festival (Best of ZEBRA screening) in the Centrum Kultury ZAMEK in Poznań (ul. Św. Marcin 80/82 61-809 Poznań, Poland).

28th November, 2012 Poezijos Festivalis TARP, National Gallery of Art, Konstitucijos av. 22 Vilnius, Lithuania. 'The Best films 2012 of The ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival'

26th November, 2012 Poezijos Festivalis TARP, VDU art galery ì101î, Laisvės av. 53

Kaunas, Lithuania. 'The Best films 2012 of The ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival'

25th November, 2012 Poezijos Festivalis TARP, Klaipėda Exhibition Hall, Vandens str. 2 Klaipeda, Lithuania. 'The Best films 2012 of The ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival'

10th November, 2012 Latinale 2012 - 7. Mobiles lateinamerikanisches Poesiefestival. St. GEORG, Ritterstrasse 26 (Aqua-Butzke Höfe), 10969 Berlin.

27 October 2012 - Kotti Shop, Kottbusser Tor, Berlin, Germany. Performance and Video Installations. Film screenings of 'l'after economie' (16' Brussels 2011) and 'some recollections of mortality' (8' England 2012). Live participative performance installation, 'mapping the scene' materials: 2m x 1m paper, pen, florescent light, step-ladders, digital camera. Thanks to Annette, Cristophe and Amelia.

18 October - 21 October 2012. Zebra Poetry Film Festival,  Literaturwerkstatt Fr 19.10. 19:30 Saal 1 Wh/Rpt Sa 20.10. 17:00 Saal 2. Babylon Cinema, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30, 10178 Berlin, Germany. Chosen for 'The Best films 2012 of The ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival' touring show.

3 October 2012 - 21 October 2012. BROOKLYN-ROMAINVILLE. Rencontres Internationales de l’art vidéo et du film court. 22 September 2012 - 21 October 2012. Les Salaisons Art Contemporain 25, avenue du Président Wilson 93230, Paris, France.





fatal when they touch

the humming loom of time

multispecies offline

love in the time of gentrification

some recollections of mortality

l'after economie

the weight of things

as the crow flies


Los Infantes del Castillo




English. subtitles: French, translations in German, Spanish.
Short Film, 8 mins
P: mmmmmfilms
Direction: Montenegro, Olivares, Fisher. Birmingham, UK.

The film explores the presence and absence of the body in relation to contemporary film and popular media cultures. The body is subjected to a criminal investigation in which the global concerns of the economy are placed on the individual. The relation between narrative, text and visual imagery is revealed through a portrait of contemporary suburban lifestyle.
The global crisis acts as the 'perfect crime' - everyone is guilty. The film examines how our lifestyles lead us to be complicit in the global perfect crime, a crime in which we are all suspects searching for a witness, an other. The film was made through a site-specific collaborative process in which the three artists erase the idea of the author to create a fictional subjectivity.

Appearances: Luna Montenegro, Adrian Fisher, Gines Olivares, The Truscott Family, May Fisher
Camera: Gines Olivares and Adrian Fisher.
Editing: Gines Olivares.
Sound: Adrian Fisher.

Thanks to:
May Fisher, The Truscot Family & Friends, Isa Suarez voice-over engineering,
Aurelia Balcells - French Translation, Felipe Luck - German Translation.

some recollections of mortality 8' HDV 2012 UK English.