the humming loom of time. 67' HDV 2021. UK / Germany. WARNING MATURE CONTENT

the humming loom of time. 67' HDV 2021. UK/Germany. WARNING MATURE CONTENT
Feature film, 67 mins
P: mmmmmfilms
D: Montenegro, Fisher, Olivares. Germany, UK, Chile.

Taking its name from a line in 'The Golden Bough' by James Frazer 1922, the film weaves threads of migration, alchemy and folklore through elementary particles, in documentary, fiction and performance. An investigation into sites where Alchemists lived, worked or died looking for contemporary resonances within those localities. A psychogeographic process of encountering images, sounds and people celebrating serendipitous encounters. Liquid landscapes touching nature and disappearing.

Technical Details
Picture Format Color + B/W, Aspect Ratio 1.78 "16x9 VIDEO, Shooting Format HDV, Exhibition Format .MOV Quicktime, BLUERAY, DCP
Film Catagory Experimental / Poetry / Visual Essay. Production Location United Kingdom, Germany
Main Filming Locations United Kingdom, Germany, Chile.





fatal when they touch

the humming loom of time

multispecies offline

love in the time of gentrification

some recollections of mortality

l'after economie

the weight of things

as the crow flies


Los Infantes del Castillo



Voice Overs

Iris Colomb - French
Cyril Lepetit - French

Documentary Interviews

Daniel Souza, Particle Physicist, formerly at CERN
Aurelia Balcells, Immigration & Asylum Lawyer
Christian Forte, Poet & Publisher
Man at Temple Church, prefers to remain anonymous
Annette Knol & Amelia Bande, Publishing Puppies


Students of the Forensic Department, Staffordshire University, UK
Artists at Estudio de Arte La Obra, Santiago, Chile
Eileen Koska, Lady in Purple
Olivia Chaney, (English voice)
Adam Read, Wolf
Diego Poupin, Neo Shaman
Kiran Bonardi Murzello, Martial Artist
Ginès Olivares
Adrian Fisher
Luna Montenegro
Dickie & Kleini, rabbits
Tommy, cat

Works cited

Carroll, Peter J. Liber Null & Psychonaut. 1987
Carroll, Peter J. PsyberMagick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick. 1995
Frazer, Sir James George. The Golden Bough, A study of magic and religion. abridged 1922
Kelly, Edward. The Stone of the Philosophers. Hamburg, 1676


Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, UK
Soho rooftop, London, UK
Stafordshire University, UK
Bristol City Centre, UK
Estudio de Arte La Obra, Santiago, Chile
University College of London Gardens, UK
Osbourne Villas, Bristol, UK
Bosphorus strait, Istambul, Turkey
Solihull, UK
Eskifoça, Izmir, Turkey
Alexander Platz, Berlin, Germany
The Grey Abbey, Home of Leonhard Thurneysser, Berlin, Germany
Wells Cathedral, UK
Christmas Steps, Bristol, UK
A4174 Road, Somerset, UK
Stanton Drew Stone Circle, UK
Bristol Royal Fort Park, UK
John Dee's Cabinet, British Museum, London, UK
Worlebury Camp, Weston Super Mare, UK
Cleveley's House, London, UK
Berlin K&O House, Germany.
Bristol Harbour, UK
Adam Read's Studio, Berlin, Germany
Hunrodeiche, Stolberg, Harz, Germany
Christian Forte's Studio, Berlin, Germany
Olhauer Strasse House, Berlin, Germany
Parliament Square and Abingdon Street,
The Houses of Parliament, Westminster,
London, UK, 18th March 2003,
Parliament votes to invade Iraq
Weston Super Mare Pier, Birbeck Island Pier, UK
Gino Hairdressing, 43-45 Marchmont Street, Soho, London, UK
Cabo Polonio, Uruguay
Anette & Amelia Studio, Berlin, Germany
Velvet Bottom, Charterhouse, Somerset, UK
Menhir, Benzingerode, Germany
Waterfall, Baños, Amazon Basin, Ecuador
Amazon Basin view, Brazil
Aldeburgh Beach, UK
Man & Eve Gallery, London, UK
Cabot Tower, Bristol, UK
Temple Church, formerly of Knights Templar,
Home of Thomas Norton, Alchemist c.1433-c.1513 Bristol, UK
Hatton Locks, Warwickshire, UK
Uphill, North Somerset, UK15


Soho rooftop: Tom·s Undurraga, Sasha Mudd, Eva & Celeste
Osbourne Villas: Andrès Anwandter, Bernardita Muñoz, Lía, Gaspar & Felix
Staffordshire University: Professor John Cassella and the Students of Forensic Science
Estudio de Arte La Obra: Roberto Grimberg, Julio Torres, Pía, Víctor
Cleveley's House: Olivia Chaney, Serafina Steer, Frida Alvinzi, Raisa Veikkola, James Ferris,
Jenny Moore
Berlin K&O House: Eileen Koska
Olhauer Strasse House: Roberto Anjari Rossi
Gino Hairdressing Soho: All the Gino's Team
Adam Read
Christian Forte
Annette Knol & Amelia Bande
John Charney
Constanza Cereza
Caroline Wiseman Gallery, Aldebugh, UK
Guy Brett
Gregorio Fontaine
Ana Rosa Ibañez
Manuela Schinin·
Tom Wallace
Cristian Loiza
Ginebra Raventos

mmmmmfilms production
Directed, Written & Produced
Adrian Fisher, Ginès Olivares, Luna Montenegro
editor: Ginès Olivares
Sound: Adrian Fisher
Camera: Ginès Olivares, Adrian Fisher

all images in this publication from the humming loom of time. 2021.
all text below images in this publication from the humming loom of time. 2021.

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the humming loom of time. 67' HDV 2021. French, English, Spanish. SUBTITLES ENGLISH