tingmȧling. 13' HDV 2018. Norway

tingmȧling. 13' HDV 2018.

Norwegian. subtitles: English

Short Film: 13'15" mins

P: mmmmmfilms

D: Montenegro, Olivares, Fisher. Leveld, Norway.

Exploring the relation between rural culture, folk and landscape the film is inspired by the Draumkvedet, a medieval dream song and a poem from the Norwegian writer Jens Bjørneboe, 'the brutality of youth' to reflect on the beauty and violence of nature and technology.

Appearances: Adrian Fisher, Ginés Olivares, Luna Montenegro, Frida Alvinzi, Svein & Eva Böhn

Camera: Gines Olivares, Adrian Fisher

Editing: Gines Olivares

Sound: Draumkvedet sung by Svein & Eva Böhn, Marianne Böhn, voice over by Noomi Fuchs, Solveig's Sang by Edvard Grieg interpreted by Ana Rosa Ibañez, Ambient sounds mmmmmfilms and Ana Rosa Ibañez

Thanks: Ingunn Stræte, Steinar Saghaug, Brit Honne Paulsen, Sanne Kabalt & Laura ten Zeldam, The Board of Leveld Kunstnartum.






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