19/04/00 Why Not Eat Insects? 50' (Perche Non Mangiare Insetti)
Teatro della Pergola, Florence, Italy

with the kind support of Regione Toscana.

'performance made in collaboration with Progetto Tutti (Florence, Italy) physical theatre group, led by Adrian Fisher, artistic director.
Images from Video by Teatro Occupado, Bolgona, Italy. collaborators

The title of the performance is taken from a book by Vincent M. Holt in 1885. He proposed that societies should turn towards eating insects as a tasty epicurean and nutritious meal. The artists worked on the idea of the free commodity available in urban and rural spaces, released from the grips of the industrial food production machine.
Cultures have variously accepted or rejected eating insects. Some Indigenous groups gather insects as a staple source of protein. In mexico it is common to eat fried grasshoppers in the street. The performance explored the architectural space of the Pergola theatre in relation to the micro local. Examinations were made of
the 'far distance' and the tangible 'close up', from the back of the deep ballet stage to the audience's fingers. soundscape - prepared piano and clarinet.

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