La possibilité de révolution - solo exhibition 04.06.10 - 06.09.10

La Cité des Insectes - Chaud 87120 NEDDE, Limoges, France.

Site-specific installation exploring the possibility of revolution.
The artists work under a 'Tree of Liberty' planted around 1789 as a symbol of the French Revolution, making a one to one encounter with the museum visitors and workers. They take a mould of a person's finger, a trace of an intimate moment with a stranger.
They use the former communal Village bread oven as an exhibition space, installing plaster casts of the people's fingers; organising them in clear structures, organic piles, groups and individual units.
The installation reflects on and proposes a challenge to the way in which museums are structured and present objects. The plaster fingers are inside and outside of three traditional museum display cabinets placed in the space, they are also in the former oven, in a bird's nest, in the stone wall. The installation uses the technical equipment of science and museums such as a light box, a slide carousel, an inspection lens, to present different situations of the plaster cast fingers as possibilities of revolution.

Thanks to Jim & Regine Elliott, assistance from Fanny Franke.

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La possibilité de révolution june 2010

Installation by adrian fisher & luna montenegro. Plaster cast fingers, a former village oven, 3 museum cabinet vitrines, examination lamp, slate, 20w flourescent light, slide carousel, 6 LED light sticks, lightbox, museum mounting case, CD - Insect Temple - 1 min loop aiff mmmmm, 2010, stereo speakers & cd player.